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Sidepassing is not just asking your horse to move sideways. It requires your horse’s front, middle and back end to engage simultaneously.

Sometimes horses can benefit from alternative therapies such as equine massage therapy.

Learn more simple tips like how to make your horse sale video an acceptable length and how to avoid shakiness.

This descendant of Driftwood sired classy and talented ranch and rodeo horses with great dispositions.

Prevention is best when it comes to this horse health threat.

Here are some of the finer details of choosing a Select Amateur horse-showing outfit, like what to wear for a specific class and what color to choose.

This simple horse-training exercise teaches your horse to balance himself on his own by shifting his weight to his back end.

If you are trying to sell your horse, chances are you will probably need a good quality video to send to prospective buyers.

Learn how to navigate a multiple transfer to get your new horse into your name.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners helps a mare owner keep his horse comfortable.

If you’re a fan of football in addition to your obsession with horses, then you’ll love these football-related Quarter Horse names.

Some pairings just don’t work, and that seemingly perfect mare-stallion combination fails to result in pregnancy.