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Take Me Riding offers games, information, videos and more to entertain and educate the horse-crazy child in your life.

Keep your to-do lists at work, but let your weekend road trips unfold spontaneously.

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AQHA makes it easy to update your information, so you can continue to get important updates about your membership.

When it comes to mounting and dismounting, safety should always be your No. 1 priority.

Horse people are used to making sacrifices in order to enjoy some horseback-riding time. We asked you on Facebook why it is all worth it. Here are some of your reasons:

Respect your horse’s personal space as you approach him and see how big a difference it makes.

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How to record a non-race tattoo number and microchip with AQHA.

For older mares and mares still showing, an embryo or oocyte transfer is a viable option to have a foal.

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