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2011 AQHA Region Two Showing Off

September 25, 2011

What are the odds that three full siblings would show in the same halter class?  

Katrina Haase and Perfect Premonition at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship.

Katrina Haase of Valentine, Nebraska, and Perfect Premonition, aka "Limit," at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship; scroll down for the Journal slide show photo of Limit with his two full brothers who also showed. (Journal photo)

Well, pretty good if the owners plan it that way. It happened at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship in Rapid City, South Dakota, because three good horse show friends wanted to see their full siblings together in the halter pen.

In the amateur 3 and over geldings, Katrina Haase (Valentine, Nebraska) showed 2008 gelding Perfect Premonition, aka “Limit;” Sherri Bacon (Valentine, Nebraska) showed 2007 gelding LU Major Premonition, aka “Major;” and Hardy Huggler (Bayard, Nebraska) showed 2006 gelding LU Major Mister, aka “Freckles.”

All three sorrel geldings were bred by married veterinarians Joe Butler and Janet Wood of Valentine, Nebraska, and their Limit Up Quarter Horses. They are all by the late Mister Premonition and out of Shes Major Perfect (aka “Fadly”) by FDS Major Casmire.

All three owners met each other through showing halter at the Region Two – Sherri met Hardy and his wife, Elaine, at the 2007 show, and they connected with Katrina at the 2009 Region.

Knowing the geldings are full siblings begs the question: Are they alike?

“No,” says Katrina, and “Yes,” says Sherri, simultaneously; and everyone laughs.

“They’re all big personalities,” adds Katrina, and “They’re all quirky,” adds Sherri, again, almost simultaneously.

“They’ve all matured as they’ve grown up,” Hardy puts in, watching Freckles play with his hay bag.

Good friends now, connected through their good horses, it is a little tough keeping them all straight:

After meeting Sherri in 2007, Hardy and Elaine bought Freckles the next summer. According to the retired couple, Freckles is the most gentle and has the most white of the three.

Sherri works for Limit Up Quarter Horses. She pulled Major out of the pasture two weeks before the show for his AQHA debut. He’s got some white.

Katrina and her husband, Roscoe, farm outside Valentine. Neighbor Joe called her up one day and told her she ought to come look at one of his colts. She hemmed and hawed for two weeks, finally asking Roscoe to “please talk me out of this colt;” he didn’t and she ended up with “Limit,” who’s got the least amount of white.

The three geldings are broke to ride: Freckles packs the Huggler grandkids; Major helps Sherri move cattle; and Limit carries Katrina in western pleasure and horsemanship. Sherri says they get their size from their dam, Fadly, and all three are sensitive to flies.

One thing’s for sure – they’re NOT for sale. These friends have too much fun showing them all together. 

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