2011 Arizona Sun Circuit Clinics

Top trainers give top advice in free clinics at the 2011 Arizona Sun Circuit horse show in Scottsdale.

Don’t miss free clinics from top horsemen at the 2011 Arizona Sun Circuit in Scottsdale.

Free clinics are just part of the 2011 Arizona Sun Circuit. (Journal photo)

The 2010 Arizona Quarter Horse Association Sun Circuit is offering free clinics on the weekend days of the show. (Click here for the clinic schedule.)

The show is going on at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona, from January 29 to February 6.

The free clinics are popular – approximately 200 people showed up January 29, to watch Bob Avila demonstrate “The Fundamentals of the Spin.”

If you’re nearby and have the time, stop in at WestWorld for this weekend’s round of clinics (February 5-6) – it’s a great opportunity to learn new angles on your horsemanship. 

The Journal stopped in for the clinics January 30, and they ranged from 15 to 50 in attendance. Here’s what we overheard:

Al Dunning, Scottsdale, Arizona
Multiple AQHA world champion and National Cutting Horse Association futurity finalist
“Cow Logic for Cutters”

“(Horses) have got to stop before they turn or they do not turn. There’s something I see a lot of out there, I call it a ‘sturn,’ a stop and a turn combined. You don’t want that! I want my horses to stop, rock back on their haunches and turn.”

“I’m not going to sacrifice form for anything. Don’t mistake activity for excellence.”

Paula Paglia, Scottsdale, Arizona
United States Dressage Federation bronze, silver and gold medalist
“The Basics of Dressage and Dressage Movements”

“Dressage is about becoming completely aware of how you are affecting you horse’s movements. Every single horse and rider is capable of performing dressage at some level.”

Rusty Green of Pilot Point, Texas
AQHA world and All American Quarter Horse Congress champion
“Improving Your Pleasure Horse’s Lope”

“You have to hold the horse so you feel the rhythm, until you learn it.”

Check out the clinic slide show below – click on the image for the captions.

[flickr 28429325@N03 72157625839640399]

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