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2011 Region Two All Around Winners

September 27, 2011

The AQHA Region Two ends 2011 with numbers up from 2010. 

A leadline exhibitor and her mother at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship in Rapid City, South Dakota.

There was fun for all at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship in Rapid City, South Dakota. Scroll down for the Journal slide show and all-around winners.

By far the highlight of any Regional Championship is when the Markel Insurance-sponsored all-around award Tex Tan saddle winners are announced. It came down to the last horsemanship class for many of the awards at the 2011 AQHA Region Two Championship – see the list of winners below.

The last Regional Championship of the year, Region Two finished with more entries than it had in 2010 – by show’s end they were at 1,560, unofficially, according to White Horse Show Management, Albion, Nebraska.

“Everything really came together,” says Todd Iszler of Bismarck, North Dakota. “I didn’t expect this much of an entry increase. I think last year we had about 1,100.” Todd  served as co-Chair of the Region Two Committee with Jo Waldner of Brookings, South Dakota.

The biggest challenge facing the committee this year, Todd says, was adding in the AQHA double-judged pointed show. The total entry count includes the Region Two and AQHA pointed shows combined.

“We need to tweak the schedule,” he says. “I don’t know if you can ever make the perfect schedule, timing-wise. This year in the reining and the trail, the numbers grew incredibly and we had them on the same day. You never know. It is a huge show.

“But I’ve had more and more people say that having the pointed show, being able to do two events at the same time, was one of the reasons they came.”

Show activities included a Team Wrangler trail clinic with AQHA Professional Horseman Ryan Cottingim, a youth and collegiate judging contest, mobile ice cream social, youth fun night and a full trade show.

“We had a great committee to work with; everyone stepped up to the plate – when we delegated something, they’ve taken care of it,” Todd adds. “Moving the show office over to the trade show area was a big thing, too. It increased traffic, we had more people contact.”

One of the Quarter Horse show’s highlights was the awarding of the first Don Brunner Memorial Grit and Perseverance Award, established in honor of the beloved South Dakota showman and AQHA breeder who passed away June 1. The award went to 72-year-old Jerald Tanner of Rapid City; Jerald suffers from lung problems, but ropes with a small oxygen tank rigged to his saddle.

“(Region Two is) a great experience,” Todd says, as an exhibitor and as part of the show’s organization. “It’s become an extended family and seeing new faces every year is great. Everybody is so friendly.

Region Two includes AQHA affiliates from Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“You hear people say ‘I can’t wait to go to Rapid!’” Todd says. “That’s our nickname for the Region Two, ‘going to Rapid.’”

All-Around Winners

Macs Sweet Illusion and Jennifer Tweet, Wentworth, South Dakota

Novice amateur*
Two Bee Magic and Brenda Brinker, Juniata, Nebraska

Selected By Magic and Kimberly Larson, Spearfish, South Dakota

Youth 13 and under*
Weapons and Codi Ann Uecker, Lewistown, Montana

Youth 14-18+
Im Hot N Naughty and Sunni Hecht, Lewistown, Montana

Novice youth*
Sir Magic Man and Kate McCoy, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Petite Finesse and Ericka Furnish, Spearfish, South Dakota

 *Tex Tan award saddle sponsored by Markel Insurance
 +Tex Tan work saddle sponsored by Highview Ranch Quarter Horses
 =Tex Tan work saddle sponsored by South Dakota Reiners

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