October 2011

2011 Congress – By the Numbers

October 31, 2011

Take a look at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress as a mathematician would see it.

2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress

There were a lot of hooves on display at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress – 3,400 to be exact. (Journal photo).

As the world’s largest single-breed horse show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress should have some pretty outrageous numbers.

Take a look some of those astonishing figures:


October 31, 2011

Have a horsey Halloween party at your barn!

Mr Super Duper, Sandy Olson, and grandaughter as SuperMan, Super Girl and Clark Kent

Mr Super Duper, Sandy Olson and her granddaughter as Super Man, Super Girl and Clark Kent

It’s fun to get together with all of your horse friends – and why not today for Halloween?

Play some fun games with your horse, give out goody bags and share some warm apple cider.

Pumpkin Treats

Make your horse a festive pumpkin feeder he’s sure to love. Cut the top off of a small pumpkin and scrape away the flesh from the inside of the pumpkin, making sure all the seeds are removed.

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Mentally Prepared for the World Show

October 31, 2011

Get mentally prepared for the AQHA World Championship Show with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lainie DeBoer.

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lainie DeBoer shares her tips on mentally preparing riders for shows.

For more of Lainie’s insight on how to develop a mental preparation game plan, check out “Borrow a Trainer” in the November 2011 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal.


I’m really excited to say that I qualified for the AQHA World Championship Show! I’ll be competing in hunt seat equitation, and even though my trainer and I have been working on my equitation and my communication with my horse, I’m still worried about this being my first World Show.

Do you have any tips for overcoming show jitters?

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Function Before Fashion

October 31, 2011

Breast collars do an important job.

Form Before Function

Breast collars have the function that makes this “work horse” a vital piece of tack. Journal photo.

By Dennis Moreland in America’s Horse

A breast collar can dress up a rig, and many of them have a lot of silver or tooling on them. But really, that’s not what’s important. It’s the function that makes this “work horse” a vital piece of tack. Read the rest of this entry »

One From the Archives

October 28, 2011

Hank Wiescamp discusses the difference between a mare and a broodmare.

broodmares vs mares

Regardless of how good she might be in type, conformation, breeding or ability, she is not a broodmare until she proves that she can produce one like herself. Journal photo.

By H.J. “Hank” Wiescamp in The American Quarter Horse Journal, 1949

Editor’s Note: The late Hank Wiescamp is a member of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame who was famous for his Skipper W-bred horses. But despite his connection to that famous stallion, Hank actually put more emphasis on his broodmare band. Here, in his own words, are details on what he looked for:

Many people refer to all mares and use the single term of “mares” without thought as to whether they actually mean mares or “broodmares.” Read the rest of this entry »

Broodmare Health Care

October 27, 2011

Is your mare getting the care she needs to produce a healthy, happy foal?

Healthy Brood Mares

Are your broodmares ready for foaling season? Journal photo.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Pfizer

Many American Quarter Horse mares are now pregnant and waiting for the spring foaling season.

The goal of any breeder is to keep the mare healthy throughout the pregnancy and then deliver a normal, vivacious foal. Read the rest of this entry »

Guess That Horse

October 26, 2011

AQHA’s Guess That Horse contest will start at 1 p.m. CDT. This week’s contest was sponsored by the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum and the Journal. Be sure to join us every Wednesday at 1 p.m. CDT for another round of Guess That Horse!

AQHA's Guess That Horse

Who is this American Quarter Horse?

This contest is closed.

Welcome to Guess That Horse.

Today’s winner will receive a “Showing to Win: Trail” DVD and an America’s Horse in Art Commemorative Catalog sponsored by the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum and the Journal.

The contest will start at 1 p.m. CDT. At that time the photo and first hint of that round of Guess That Horse will start.

When the contest is live, 10 hints will be posted, one at a time, every few minutes on this page.

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Super Snacks

October 26, 2011

See what AQHA Superhorses consider the treat of champions.

Movin Artfully

Moving Artfully devours his Superhorse roses. Journal photo.

From America’s Horse

Everybody has a weakness.

Popeye had his spinach.

Elvis had his fried banana-and-peanut butter sandwiches.

Homer Simpson has his doughnuts. (“Mmmmm!”)

And even AQHA Superhorses have their cravings.

The AQHA-Farnam Superhorse award is the equivalent of the most-valuable-player award at the AQHA World Championship Show.

These guys are the best of the best. And in reviewing The American Quarter Horse Journal’s coverage of these top horses, one trend becomes clear: These horses, of course, have an appetite for victory, but they also have some pretty odd hankerings when it comes to their snacks. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Congress Mid-Show Highlights

October 25, 2011

It’s Katelyn Schultz’s first All American Quarter Horse Congress!

An AQHA exhibitor and her American Quarter Horse examine the lunch choices at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Choices! Choices! for lunch at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress. (Scroll down for more Journal photos.)

The Journal spoke with Katelyn’s mom, Nikki, watching her 11-year-old daughter ride in the covered riding area between Congress Hall and the Coliseum. She had just gone to pick up breakfast biscuits for her son, Jared, Katelyn, and Katelyn’s trainer, Rhonda Spratto.

“We came to watch last year, just to see the environment,” Nikki says. “We’ve always shown; we did the AQHA Region Three Championship to get started, and thought she was ready to take the next step up.”

From West Bend, Wisconsin, Katelyn trains with Larry and Rhonda Spratto of Pickett, Wisconsin. Rhonda had her sign up to show A Sweet Addiction for the Congress judging contest to practice for her upcoming performance in novice youth hunt seat equitation. Jared will be showing in the small fry classes.

“She rode her patterns all last weekend before coming,” Nikki says proudly. “My husband (Mike) says (the kids) got the horse bug in utero, from me!”

Among all the big wins and big prizes at the world’s largest AQHA show, it’s important to remember the firsts that got everyone started in showing American Quarter Horses.

Here are Congress highlights from last week:

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Barrel Racing Patterning

October 25, 2011

Barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick diagrams her methods of patterning a barrel horse.

Barrel racing patterning

This diagram shows the patterning Dena uses in her three-quarters place. Journal illustration.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

World champion barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick demonstrates specific patterns she uses on the barrel course.

Dena’s patterning method is the acid test of a horse’s barrel-racing basics. Read the rest of this entry »

Long Live Cowgirls

October 24, 2011

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas, will induct eight women for 2011.

Sandy Collier

Sandy Collier shows Tazs Precious Peppy at the NRCHA Hackamore Classic. (Photo by Primo Morales. Courtesy of NRCHA).

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is the only museum in the world dedicated to honoring and celebrating women, past and present, whose lives exemplify the courage, resilience and independence that helped shape the American West. The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame also fosters an appreciation of the ideals and spirit of self-reliance that these cowgirls inspire. It is the legacy of legends.

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Mounted Shooters Blast to Top

October 24, 2011

AQHA honors top shooters at the 2011 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association World Championship in Amarillo.

By Larri Jo Starkey

Jessie Kuka and PLC Nute Driftwood

Jessie Kuka rides PLC Nute Driftwood in AQHA competition. (Journal photo). For more photos, scroll to the slide show below.

This year was the first that cowboy mounted shooters have been able to earn AQHA points on their horses, and at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association World Championship, they aimed for the top.

In addition to the world championships through CMSA, shooters on American Quarter Horses had a chance to qualify for the 2012 Pfizer AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse and Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championship Show.

Three competitors were honored Read the rest of this entry »