On the International Trail

2012 Soesum, Denmark

July 9, 2012

Keylee Sayler, AQHA’s international intern, and the University of Wyoming horsemanship clinic team teach riders about ranch horse versatility in Soesum, Denmark.

Birgitte Anderson takes a shot at working the flag on Michael Boesen’s horse, Smartee.

By AQHA International Intern Keylee Sayler

Hello from Denmark!

I just got done with a wonderful camp at Brown Hill Quarter Horses in Soesum, Denmark. With beautiful weather, lots of laughing, learning and great food, it made for an excellent camp. The University of Wyoming team — Lacey Teigen, Katelynn Ewing, Cori Slingerland, Lindsey Hankins and Dr. Amy McLean — taught the 17 clinic participants for three days.

First Day

  • They worked on moving their horses’ shoulders, ribs and hips, flexing and cues. Amy McLean talked about conformation and how to evaluate a horse’s balance. She also explained what to look for when buying a horse and how different horses can be more suitable for different purposes. At the end of the day, the University of Wyoming team taught everyone to rope and played a game.

Second Day

They learned:

Third Day

  • The University of Wyoming team put on a mock ranch horse show to allow camp participants to put into practice what they had learned. The ranch horse show consisted of ranch pleasure, ranch trail, reining and  cow horse, in which they worked the flag.

When the camp was not going on, we were able to ride an Icelandic horse, try delicious Danish pastries, and try our hand at some Danish baseball with the hosts and camp participants. Our wonderful hosts also took us to Copenhagen to tour all the sites such as the Little Mermaid and the Royal Stables.

Up next: I will meet up with the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College team in the Czech Republic, and the University of Wyoming team will start making its way to Sweden.


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