A Glimpse Inside the Best Remudas

Take a Ride with Jim Jennings through the ranches of the Best Remudas.”

To recognize the contributions made by working ranch horses to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse breed, the American Quarter Horse Association and Bayer Animal Health annually presents the Best Remuda Award. Beginning in 1992, the Association has honored 15 outstanding ranches for their efforts in raising American Quarter Horses, an essential “tool of their trade.”

The “Best Remudas” book features stunning photography and descriptive text about each of the ranches and their horses, on which they rely in their daily work. All proceeds from the book benefit the American Quarter Horse Foundation, which funds scholarships, equine research, therapeutic riding and the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.

The 15 ranches featured in “Best Remudas” received their award because of the quality of their remudas. The book is the story of the ranches, but it is also the story of the tool the ranches use on a daily basis – the horse.

The stories tell of ranch life in many parts of the North American continent and how each ranch has its own unique way of handling its cattle and horses. Some of the methods are strictly traditions that have been handed down for generations. Others are born out of necessity, due to the terrain on which the ranch lies. Some of the men and women who work these ranches are called cowboys, others are called buckaroos. Regardless, they all say they do it because of the horses.

The “Best Remudas” DVD shows you the amazing sights and sounds from the ranches. From each ranch’s beginning to its lineage of horses, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look and even hear from Jim about his experiences while visiting the ranches.

As a bonus, we’ve included the 16th winner of the Best Remuda award along with a special video describing the American Quarter Horse Foundation and how you, too, can be “One” who makes a difference.