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Everything you need to know about breeding and registering American Quarter Horses.

Everything you need to know about breeding and registering American Quarter Horses.

I've been writing this blog for almost three years now, and since technology and the horse industry are ever-changing things, most of my older posts need updating. Over the years, I have written several posts about breeding, DNA, transfers and foal registration. All that information doesn't help you if it's not current, so today I'm updating all of those posts, correcting links and making sure that information follows current AQHA rules.The first thing you'll need to breed an American Quarter Horse is a current AQHA membership.

  • Not sure what type of AQHA membership¬† you need? Read AQHA Memberships Defined to start out on the right foot.
  • Check out Authorize Your AQHA Membership for help filling out the paperwork so your employee, friend or family member can help you complete your AQHA business.
  • Get a little relief from this harsh economy, plus a bonus gift when you sign up with our current AQHA Membership Special. This deal is geared toward trail riders, but anyone can reap the benefits!
  • Don't forget your membership PIN! Read Your AQHA PIN Decoded if you don't have¬† yours.

Whether you've just purchased your first American Quarter Horse or your 50th, read AQHA Transfers Cheap and Painless and Transfer Video Tutorial if you have questions.

If you own a breeding stallion, you'll need the information in the following posts:

If you're breeding your mare, and you have that new baby, you'll need the next few posts.

And finally, here are a few that everyone can benefit from.

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