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AQHA Pride

October 14, 2013

What does it mean to be AQHA Proud?

I am #AQHAProud to be featured with my kids in an ad promoting AQHYA membership. To give the gift of AQHYA membership, call 866-424-7827.

I am #AQHAProud to be part of an ad with my kids promoting AQHYA membership. To give the gift of AQHYA membership, call 866-424-7827.

AQHA recently launched its latest – and, in my opinion, its greatest – membership campaign, “AQHA Proud.” We’re encouraging members and Quarter Horse owners worldwide to tell us why they’re AQHA Proud. We even want to get your help trending the social media hashtag #AQHAProud.

Equally important, we want AQHA members to show their AQHA Pride with a few simple actions:

The simple statement — AQHA Proud — has such a powerful effect. In two tiny words, it reminds you that AQHA membership is incredibly worthwhile. Sure, with your AQHA membership, you get hundreds of dollars in discounts and savings through our great corporate partners; you’re eligible to compete in our events and participate in our programs and activities, like the Horseback Riding Program. You’re eligible for scholarships, and you get the best rates on AQHA business. And we can’t forget the amazing member magazine, America’s Horse.

But AQHA Proud is much more than that.

AQHA Proud is feeling immense pride for the world’s most popular horse breed — the trustworthy, dependable and versatile American Quarter Horse. AQHA Proud is gratitude toward the founders of our Association, who vowed to preserve the integrity of the breed and its legacy. AQHA Proud is supporting equine research, therapeutic riding and our American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, a building devoted to telling our story. AQHA Proud is knowing the importance of keeping records accurate – because every horse and every owner matters. AQHA Proud is knowing you’re not a number in our database; you’re a devoted horse person and a member of the AQHA family, with a shared love for our horse, and it is our duty to respectfully serve you.

What Else Does AQHA Proud Mean?

  • AQHA Proud is the little girl who plasters her walls and bookshelves with horse posters, horse calendars, horse books and Breyer horses.
  • AQHA Proud is the dad who drives his kids 10 miles down the road with a bag of carrots so his suburban kids can feed the lesson horses.
  • AQHA Proud is the mom who holds back tears at the therapeutic riding center as her daughter realizes confidence, poise and balance for the first time.
  • AQHA Proud is the teenager who can tell her horse all her secrets and not risk judgement.
  • AQHA Proud is a peaceful trail ride.
  • AQHA Proud is a heart-pounding horse race.
  • AQHA Proud is a gold trophy. A silver trophy. A finalist ribbon. A participation ribbon.
  • AQHA Proud is working overtime, clipping coupons, resisting temptation to buy those new heels, doing whatever it takes — so you can continue to have horses in your life.

AQHA Proud is a lot of things, but it would be nothing without the American Quarter Horse, the animal capable of so many things: healing, hope, friendship, excitement, confidence, peacefulness, family.

I know I’m AQHA Proud. I’m proud to be an AQHA life member, and I’m proud to be raising my two sons around the very best horse breed in the world.

Tell us why you are AQHA Proud. Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #AQHAProud. We want to hear your stories!