AQHA Transfers – The Multiple Transfer Process

Learn how to navigate a multiple transfer to get your new horse into your name.

Learn how to navigate a multiple transfer to get your new horse into your name.

Holding Your Reins.
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Owning an American Quarter Horse is an amazing experience. The experience begins with the purchase of your horse and the completion of a transfer report. This report is a vital step in maintaining the overall value and integrity of your horse.

The good news is that AQHA’s transfer process can be quick and painless!

Upon the purchase of a horse, you want to make sure that you have the certificate of registration in hand. You will also need a transfer report signed by the seller and listing your name on the buyer line. The date of sale is the date you took the horse into your possession. AQHA does not have a deadline as to when a transfer report should be submitted, nor do we charge any type of penalty. If you find a transfer you forgot to send in, now is the time to submit it!

Effective January 1, 2015, the transfer fee is $20 per horse if you are a current member. Non-members will be charged a one-year membership for $40, in addition to the transfer fee of $20, upon the receipt of a transfer.

Download a transfer form.

Multiple Transfers

As you’re completing your transfer form, make sure the seller is the last recorded owner on the horse’s papers. If the last recorded owner is not who you bought the horse from, this is called a multiple transfer. The transfer will remain the same no matter how many owners. Because AQHA will not knowingly skip an ownership, there will need to be a transfer report from each person who owned the horse. Send AQHA all information you have about previous owners, including names, addresses and phone numbers. We will attempt to contact the previous owners for you.

To ensure a successful transfer process, please make sure you do your homework! We are here to advise you if you need further assistance. Feel free to contact the Customer Service Department at 806-376-4811, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Read Papers to Prove It for tips and advice to consider before and during your horse purchase.

37 thoughts on “AQHA Transfers – The Multiple Transfer Process”

  1. Nice to know now.. I spent an arm and a leg on an Quarter Horse… and follow procedures.. and STILL because someones way back when didn’t sign a paper, she’s not my horse….

  2. I am a small breeder, and i have broblems with my buyers not registrationing ,and selling ,then new owner wants me to transfer the hores to them ? what is the best thing to do ? julie grant

  3. My horse, Colten’s Conclusion, now gelded, has an old torn up transfer paper signed by the breeder, Michael Kavanaugh and lists the second owner as Curt Baumgarth. Mr. Baumgarth did not sign the transfer papers. I have talked with Mr Kavanaugh over the phone and have now searched for and sent 4 registered letters to Mr. Baumgarth who seems to move around a lot. Last fall I sent a final letter to Mr. Baumgarth at the address listed by the AQHA. The letter was returned as undelivered. I purchased the horse on Oct. 31, 2006 from a Paula Darby. She works for the New Holland Auction in New Holland, PA. Paula picks up horses brought to the (killer) auction, tries them out and resells them. All she could tell me was that the man who brought the horse to the auction had a southern accent. Colten is sound and is a good trail horse but what Parelli would describe as a left-brained introvert (calm but not very forward). That is good for me as I am a 69 year old lady, formerly a 3-day rider and fox hunter. I keep Colten at home with an old TB broodmare for company. I plan to use Colten as a trail horse and would like to go on AQHA sponsored rides and perhaps compete in trail classes if I can find any here in Chester County, PA. (Southeast, PA) I plan to keep Colten and have made arrangements in my will for a friend to take him for her riding school should I become incapacitated. Colten will be 12 in April. I would like to get Mr. Baumgarth, his wife Sandy or daughter Chesley to sign transfer papers for me, but so far have no response from them and I have searched online at 4 different addresses. The transfer papers I have are so torn up and fragile.
    Can we get him to sign new ones?

  4. Julie,
    Thank you for your comment! I receive many calls with a seller in a situation similar to this one. AQHA rules state that it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the buyer has the appropriate paperwork to update the ownership of the horse. However, AQHA rules do not state who’s responsibility it is to send the paperwork to AQHA. If you are breeding foals, and are the owner of the mare at time of foaling, you may submit the registration/transfer to AQHA yourself, thus preventing the buyer from neglecting to do so and also making sure the horse’s records stay current. As for the people who are contacting you for a transfer, the only signature you can give them according to AQHA rules is a signed transfer putting the horse into the person’s name that you directly sold the horse to. That person will then need to collect all in-between transfers in order to have the horse registered/transfered into their name.

    Thank you again for your comment! If you have further questions regarding transfers, or anything else, please contact myself or another AQHA Customer Service Representative at 806-376-4811. We love to hear from you and always happy to assist!

    Kayla Randall
    AQHA Customer Service

  5. Hi, I am trying to download a transfer form and am on dial up with unsuccessful attempts here to download, it says it has completed the task on a blank page, with you form present. Can you please email to myself (PDF) a copy of this form, so I can process a transfer ASAP. Thanks.

  6. I bought a horse from an individual who said the horse was registered but they never had it transferred. BArrell horse.
    Now I find out he doesnt know her registered name and that it
    has been several years since he bought her and cant remember the
    previous owners last name and there is no address or phone no. for this person. All I have is the stable she used and it is no longer in business or at least the phone no is not a working number. Looks like i am oiut ofluck on this registratiion tansfer
    doesnt it.

  7. We recently acquired a horse that has never been registered, but we’re hoping to get him papered (he’s turning 5), but he’s been sold 3 times since he was bred. (Both parents were DNA typed). Anyone know how this is supposed to work? Do we still have to get transfer records for all owners even though he was never registered with AQHA with them?

  8. S. W. Kidder,

    AQHA does not have a system in place to identify a horse by any means other than the registered name/number of the horse, or the registered name/number of the horse’s sire or dam. If you do not have any of this information, AQHA cannot search for the horse in question. Good luck and please contact Customer Service if you would like to speak with a representative.

    Kayla Randall
    AQHA Customer Service

  9. Rebecca,

    AQHA does not knowingly allow skipped transfers on a horse. If you do submit the horse’s registration application, along with any information you have regarding the transfers, AQHA will attempt to contact all persons involved to obtain the appropriate signatures.

    Plese feel free to contact Customer Service at 806-376-4811 M-F 8-5 CST if you would like to have a representative review the situation.

    Kayla Randall
    AQHA Customer Service

  10. I purchased a retired AQHA racehorse back in Aug. I have a completed transfer form signed by the seller, and I was given his registration certificate. Unfortunately, I have lost his certificate, but I still have his transfer paper, and a b/w copy of his certificate. Can I send in his transfer without his registration certificate? Or, how can I get a copy of his papers to then send in my registration certificate? Thanks, Kathryn

  11. Kathryn,
    AQHA rules prohibit the completion of a transfer if the origional certificate is not received. You will need to file a request to have the certificate duplicated when you submit the transfer. AQHA has a form available for this type of occasion, the Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate. It is available at the following link.

    The current record owner of the horse will need to complete part one of the form. You will need to complete part two since you once had posession of the certificate. Each part must be notorized. Along with this form, submit the transfer you have and four pictures of the horse. AQHA will duplicate the certificate and transfer the horse at the same time.

    Please feel free to contact AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811 Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST and a representative will be happy to assist you with any questions.

    Kayla Randall
    AQHA Customer Service

  12. I work for FAS in Bogota at the Office of Agricultural Affairs. I am trying to contact Kenny Knowlon who is supposed to judge at a horse exhibition in Colombia in late August. However, he has not answered to our 7/10 email message. We are setting up an appointment with him when he will be in Bogota.

    This message is addressed to Mr. David Avery who sent a letter on 6/25 to announce Mr. Knowlon’s visit.


  13. Alberto,

    Please continue trying to contact Kenny. I know he has been very busy in Brazil and will respond as soon as he can.

    Thank you,
    Kay Preston
    Secretary to David Avery

  14. Is thier a penalty for not registering a horse after you buy the horse. say you bought the horse in August of 08 and you are just now geting time to register the horse will it cost more to register the horse since its been almost a year?

  15. Kathy,
    AQHA does not have a deadline for transfers. There is no late fee assessed. The fee paid, however, is the fee charged by AQHA at the time the transfer is submitted. For example, if the transfer fee was $10 when the horse was purchased, but has changed, you pay the current fee.

    Please do not hesisatate to leave a comment or contact Customer Service at 806-376-4811 Monday-Friday 8-5 CST if you need more information or have further questions.

    Kayla Randall
    AQHA Customer Service

  16. I have a 2 yr old and aquried him a year ago. Our circumstances are unique as I got him in a raffle for charity. I have not transfered him and don’t quite know how. I have his registration papers but the owners listed are his old owners. How would I go about getting him transfered in the best possible way?

  17. Hi,

    I recently took in a former barrel horse who did not have her papers with her. I tracked her brand and talked to the last registered owner of her. She gave me her reg. # and reg name but said she lost her paperwork, it has been 10 years since she owned her. I really want to breed this mare and want her papers and ownership transferred. Is there any way to do this without going through the lady that is really no help?


  18. I bought a mare at a auction not too long ago, i notised she had a tattoo in her uper lip the number is J23085, I would like to know if possible how i can get ahold of her information, I talked to the people from the auction from where I bought my horse and they sent me to this website.

  19. Aloha, I have a mare we purchased back in July 28th 2004. I just noticed we have never registered her in our name under Ironwood ranch ID# 3317647. The horse is registered under # 3204247 as Chicka Biddy. Former owner we have the AQHA papers from to transfer is Micheal J. Botelho ID# 2675257. Are we eligiable for registering this mare we own? Please let me know ASAP. Mahalo Virginia Weaver

    Ironwood Ranch Manager

  20. The fees for a transfer are $15 for a current Member or $55 for nonmembers. Payment of the required fee as specified in rule 222 shall be a matter of private negotiation between the buyer and seller and may be paid by either of them, but such fee must accompany the transfer, with the membership status of the buyer determining the applicable transfer fee.

    Please utilize the link below to view AQHA’s most Frequently Asked Question’s. I trust you will be able to obtain the information you have requested regarding a transfer of ownership.

    General information:

    AQHA Forms:

    Transfer Report form:

  21. I sold a Gelding I need a transfer form so the new owner can put there name on the horses papers thank you.. contact numerber 1 250- 674- 3613

  22. How much does it cost if the owner’s name on the papers needs to be changed? If the horse is in my husbands name and I would like it to be put in my name instead, how should I go about doing that?

  23. Hello, I will explain my problem… I buy a QH mare and I have the original certificate registration and I don’t know how to transfer it to my name? I buy the mare of a trader who has been searching the horse in an auction. I did some research but I found nothing about the previous owner. I want to know how make to transfer at my name. Thank you very much for your help!
    *I’m sorry I do not speak English very well so please could you contact me by email.

  24. Hello Kayla,
    I bought a gelding last spring INHERITED R FORTUNE, a palomino “stallion” born April 28, 2002. The lady that I bought him from lost his certificate but gave me transfer papers, signed by the previous owner as she never had him transfered into her name. I printed off the affidavit but I need to get into contact with the owner on your records. Is there a way that I can get the contact information from you?
    Any help would be appreciated!

  25. I purchased two quarter horses last year and have the transfers but they have been put away and forgotten as we moved around. What is the process to send in a late registration that has a sale date for last year?

  26. I am considering buying a horse where the current owner states they have the aqha application papers,but have not sent them in, but whoever buys the horse can register it. How can I be sure I am not being taken on a ride?

  27. Hi

    I’m in a multiple transfer situation and currently I am missing a link in the chain of owners. To the best of my knowledge the owner has passed away and there are no next of kin I can contact.
    What do I do? I have contact with some of the previews owners and the horse is identified by electronic chip.
    I do have the horse passport of the danish horse association and the original old original certificate from AQHA.

  28. I bought a horse from a guy that provided the original registration papers, but he refused to will out the BUYER information from when HE purchased the horse because he didn’t want to pay renewal membership fees. He purchased the horse in 2008 and then sold the horse to me in 2012. I have the original papers. SO, how do I do a transfer when the previous owner refuses to complete info when he bought the horse?

    Please advise. Thanks.

  29. What if the horse is a rescue horse and there’s no telling who has owned the horse since the name on the certificate or how to contact that person?

  30. How do I transfer a horse from a owner who has died? His son is selling all his horses and I bought one. The son gave me the registration paper work so what do I do now? Please advise.

  31. I recently purchased a 6 yr old AQHA palomino mare from someone who was the “middle” person in the sale, she did the delivery… My fault for not realizing at the time I did not recieve the transfer papers. However upon further investigation I found out the recorded owner passed away back in 2011. I have the original registration certificate, How can I get her transferred into my name now ?

  32. I never new the registration certificate had to be with the transfer papers. If I send this later without another copy of the transfer papers, will it still work if I include a note about what happened?

  33. I recently got a mare registered name ‘my golden Lucy locket’. The man I bought her from never transferred from the person he bought her from and he can’t remember the name of that person. Is there any way you could help me to find the last registered owner and get her transferred? Thanks, Jody

  34. I purchased a QH mare in April 2013. I have her original papers but the original owner listed did not sign the papers and is not the owner from whom I purchased the horse. How can I get the QH transferred over to me? Can the AQHA help me contact the original owner?

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