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AQHA Transfers – Cheap and Painless

February 21, 2012

Get your multiple horse transfers out of the way today!

Holding Your Reins.

You’ve found the perfect horse. Now it’s time to get him transferred into your name. AQHA can help! Share this post on Facebook.

Buyer beware? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that horse picked you. You saw him and thought, “wow, he’d be the perfect [insert discipline here] horse!” So you talk to the owner, (or whoever was buying the feed…) pay the person, load him up and ride off into the sunset with the perfect horse.

Then you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that your wonderful [insert discipline here] horse didn’t happen to have a transfer tacked to his ear. What now? Thank goodness, you got the horse’s AQHA registration certificate. You decide to do some investigating, and the owner listed on the certificate is NOT who you bought the horse from.

This is called a multiple transfer situation, and it’s more common than you think. It’s so hard to resist when you find the perfect American Quarter Horse, you just want to worry about paperwork later! But think of it like buying a car. The horse’s certificate is like a car title. It’s a must-have. And your name on it is a must-have, too!

In this situation, you will need to start by contacting two people: the person you bought the horse from and the owner on the certificate. Once you have the person you bought the horse from on the horn, get a transfer from him. (Download a transfer form here.) Ask him who he bought the horse from and any contact information he has for that person. If you’re on the phone with the owner on AQHA record, ask him who he sold the horse to, and get him to send you a transfer to that effect. Keep going along that route until you either get back to yourself or meet in the middle. Once you have all transfers from each seller to each buyer, send everything to AQHA with the horse’s certificate, and viola! You got yourself a certified, bona fide, ownership-updated [insert discipline here] horse!

Now, there are certain times when certain people cannot be contacted by normal means. AQHA is glad to help. Gather all the information you have, including the horse’s certificate, and send it all to AQHA with a statement. We’ll do our best to contact these people for you and retrieve their signatures on their respective transfers.

If you have a story about a transfer pickle, post a comment! Also, read Papers to Prove It for tips and advice to consider before and during your purchase.

Your Chance to Save!

For a limited time, enjoy AQHA’s transfer special. Normally, AQHA charges a $15 transfer fee for each transfer submitted to AQHA. During our transfer special, AQHA is charging only $15 per horse! (The transfers must be submitted together, and membership rules still apply.) There is no additional form needed to receive the offer. The normal transfer report forms, the horse’s original certificate and a $15 payment (per horse) is all you need. Take advantage of this special while it lasts, and get your records updated today!

As always, at your service,

Kayla Randall
AQHA Customer Service