Beginner’s Guide to Showing Report

Ready to get started in the show ring?

The American Quarter Horse Journal can help!

The Journal’s Beginner’s Guide to Showing report is packed with valuable information to help you gear up for your first horse show, find Quarter Horse trainers and more.

In the Beginner’s Guide to Showing, you’ll learn:

  • How to find an amateur horse, and how to develop a purchase plan
  • The details of buying and selling a horse
  • How to find the right saddle for you and your horse
  • How to choose a trainer who’s right for you and your horse
  • What to expect with your training bill and other horse-related expenses
  • Tips for looking your personal best when stepping into the show ring
  • Showing etiquette and behavior guidelines
  • Legal and illegal horse medication administration
  • How to cultivate long manes and tails

This 26-page, full-color report is yours instantly when you order. You can download the report in seconds and print right away, or save it on your computer for future reading.

Get the Beginner’s Guide to Showing and be well on your way to a wonderful horse show experience.

This report shows you what expenses to expect when  you get serious about showing your horse.

AQHA Professional Horsemen Gary and Denise Werner help you understand the extra charges on your monthly bill from your trainer,  including some things that you might have thought were included in the monthly fee.

“Some trainers charge extra for pulling manes, clipping and braiding and banding of manes,” they say. “These fees range from $20 for mane pulling to $50 for a pre-show prep to $100 for a body clip.”

You’ll also get an understanding of purchase plans.

AQHA Professional horsemen John and Jill Briggs say, “Buying an amateur horse is not a split-second decision. Before you even look in the classified ads, you need to answer some important questions and plan your purchase. You need to narrow down what you’re looking for by deciding what you want. Otherwise, you could end up with a horse that doesn’t fit you or your show program.”

The Briggs offer their top-five items they discuss with clients before they begin shopping for a show horse.

You’ll hear from other AQHA Professional Horsemen, too, including Holly Hover, Bob Avila, Chuck Briggs and Joyce Wyatt. Plus, get advice from all kinds of other industry experts, from top show exhibitors to veterinarians.

This information-packed report is sure to get you ready for the next show season.

Want to learn more about horse showing?

If you’re interested in horse showing but not really sure where to start, you can begin by finding out what classes are available in AQHA show competition and deciding which ones are right for you.

The “AQHA Class Descriptions” DVD contains an overview of AQHA-approved events. You can search for classes by type (halter, English, western) or by division (open, amateur, select and youth). Each class is explained along with basic rules and an explanation of how the event tests the skills of the American Quarter Horse and exhibitor. If you already participate in AQHA show competition, you can learn more about other classes that you might like to try.

Bonus features include information about ownership and tips to help you discover the American Quarter Horse lifestyle.

Order “AQHA Class Descriptions” today for just $14.95. AQHA members get a special discount.