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Hannah Montana Loved Him; Now You Can, Too! Meet Her Movie Horse at QuarterFest

Hannah Montana Loved Him; Now You Can, Too! Meet Her Movie Horse at QuarterFest.

Get your picture taken with Hannah Montana's movie horse, Blue Jeans at AQHA's QuarterFest May 1 -3 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

By America’s Horse Editor Holly Clanahan

American Quarter Horse Blue Steel Man might just have the best of both worlds, much like his co-star in “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” which is in theaters now.

In the movie, teen sensation Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart, a normal teen whose alter-ego is the wildly popular pop star Hannah Montana.

For “Blue,” he’s a normal team-roping horse and family pet who morphed into a popular movie star named “Blue Jeans” when scouts spotted him at a United States Team Roping Championships event not far from Nashville, where the Hannah Montana movie was mostly filmed.

Horse wrangler Rusty Hendrickson said he was looking for a small, pretty gray horse. The 11-year-old 14.3-hand Blue Steel Man fit the bill.

“He’s a nice horse,” Rusty says. And Miley “was very affectionate to him and gave him a lot of petting and rubbing. … A young girl and horses are a pretty good combination.”

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But Blue Jeans, er, Blue, has had plenty of experience with affection from young girls.

His owner, Bobby Brooks of Franklin, Tennessee, has two daughters, Libby Claire, who’s 4, and Elle Margaret, who’s 6. Both of them like to ride, and not surprisingly, both of them are huge Hannah Montana fans.

Bobby says Blue is “very broke and very safe. I’ve got two daughters who like to ride. I can’t have anything that’s not safe for my kids to be around.” He expects it to be a proud moment when he sees his daughters riding Blue in junior rodeos in a few years.

Already, he’s pretty proud of what his home-raised and -trained horse has done.

“Nobody else has ever done anything with him but me. I’m proud of him. … He’s very pretty to look at, a correct-made Quarter Horse. He’s just got a real big hindquarters, and he’s very well-proportioned. He’s pretty.”

Miley echoed those thoughts when she rode up to Bobby aboard Blue. “She just told me she loved him and thought he was beautiful,” he says.

Unfortunately, Bobby’s girls didn’t get a chance to meet their idol, but they saw Miley at the Nashville premiere of “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” And, there on the big screen, the Brooks family, which includes Bobby’s wife, Lori, also saw Blue as his movie role called for him to carry luggage, get chased across a field and remain remarkably calm as a helicopter flew over his head.

“He did great in every way during the movie,” Bobby says. And seeing him on that screen “was real neat. It was a pretty proud moment. It was kind of like one of my kids being up there. He was outstanding.”

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Now, AQHA is inviting you to share in that pride. Meet Blue Steel Man, aka the famous Blue Jeans, at QuarterFest, our inaugural equine expo May 1-3 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He’ll be there on the Walk of Fame, alongside Keepin Charge, an American Quarter Horse who starred in the Western “Appaloosa” and who is a second-generation movie horse as the son of Docs Keepin Time, the star of “Black Beauty.”

QuarterFest is a three-day, education-packed celebration where AQHA members and horse enthusiasts from around the world will gather for fun, entertainment and festivities to honor the world’s most versatile horse – the American Quarter Horse. Our sponsors – Tractor Supply, B&W Trailer Hitches, John Deere, Justin Boots, Merial, Nutrena, Professional’s Choice, Bank of America, Montana Silversmiths, Farnam, Breyer, La Cense Montana, Priefert and Wrangler – share our passion for horses and are an integral part of QuarterFest.

Not the Only 4-Legged Movie Star

Another celebrity appearance will be made at AQHA’s QuarterFest May 1 -3 in Murfreesboro, TN by Keepin Charge, an American Quarter Horse who starred in “Appaloosa.” Keepin Charge is the son of Docs Keepin Time, who was featured in the movie “Black Beauty.”

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  1. Dear
    hey i wish wish u could still be on the show. i know u love Blue Jean sooooooooooooo much but all of your friends and fans and me r going to miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE U FIND BLUE JEAN so u could be on the show!!!!!!!!!!

  2. but blue jeans is so cute love all of us when you find blue jeans please come back to the show soon and remeber we all love you so now you are the best singer in the world and you

  3. hi Miley i have always wanted to meet u your dad and u horse bluejeans wht is your phone number ps Im a big fan of u i know u love your horse bluejeans soooo very much i love your new movie miley says good bye i love horses my self when is your next consert tell blue jeans hi for me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox bye miley uuuuuuu rrrrrrrooooooccccccckkkkkkkkk go cowgirl………..

  4. i ride horses & i would love 2 meet blue jeans. if u want i could give u riding lesssons 4 free. i horse show. but thanks 4 giving me a change 2 talk 2 u!

  5. I dont quite understand? My big QUESTION is:IA BLUE JEANS REALLY MILEY CYRUS PET SINCE SHE WAS.and if they said that in this article I dont know that because I did not read all of this story.

  6. hey miley yeah i love your horse i have been doing horse riding ALL MY LIFE! i love it im a showjumper i would love to use blue jeans for my showjumping can i?

  7. and i found out about your new episode when blue jeans runs away cant wait and i have seen EVERY MOVIE YOUR IN including the last song LUVE IT and big fish ur so small in it but love it
    ur biggest fan (im not just saying that) SKYE XXX

  8. i would love to see blue jeans like um well you could say i would love to ride him ive always wanted a horse of my own but i ride them a lot so its like i have a horse of my own pretty much

  9. Hey Miley, How are you??

    Blue Jeans looks like a great horse and it also sure seems like he loves you riding and patting him… so here is a little message saying you shouldn’t give him away, as you two have a great relationship and it’s hard to find another horse like blue or any horse that has a great temper… Don’t give him away please =]

    Thanks Steph <3

  10. i love horses but blue jeans is the best horse i have seen i wish i had that horse that horse is just to good to be ture love you blue jeans lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love Blue Jeans…<3<3 Per il mio compleanno mi regalano un cavallo, se è un maschio lo chiamo Blue Jeans se è una femmina Miley!!

  12. miley ur ace … i wish i could be as lucky as you to have a stunning horse like bluejeans i love him.

    your ace to i think you should make a song for bluejeans it would be a great idea.

    from lara your biggest fan ever x

  13. i like your hores blue jearn he is so cool your horse rock i am your bigs fan and you and i wish i can see you singing live how singing much does is cost to see you singing live i wish you can come to my house at 424 south coublem…

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