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Buying a Horse for Kids

August 25, 2008

Buying a Horse for Kids

The right horse can instill invaluable confidence in a child. Children can learn patience, kindness, teamwork, responsibility, trust and myriad other life skills on the back of a trusty horse. Check out these seven tips to get you started on your search for a great kids’ horse.

Checklist to Buy a Kid’s Horse
By Jim Caudill

  • Ensure that your child is ready for the responsibility of horse ownership. Indications that they are include: A strong desire/love for horses; a strong desire to learn about the needs and care of a horse; knowledge and desire to participate in specific disciplines. Experience (such as lessons) help make sure it’s not just a passing fancy.
  • Find an expert you trust to help guide your purchasing decision.
  • Evaluate the child’s skills and needs to decide what kind of horse to look for.
  • Take your time – find the perfect horse, not the first one you see.
  • Let the child interact with the horse, including groundwork and riding to make sure their personalities mesh.
  • As a general rule, a good kid horse is older (over the age of 10 years), is a gelding or mare, has a quiet temperament, has extensive training and, if it is a show horse, has a performance record.
  • A pre-purchase exam, even on a relatively cheap horse, can save a lot of upset in the future and is recommended.

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Horse Help

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