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Upgrade Your AQHA Membership

September 15, 2014

Add amateur status to your membership in a snap.

Amateur showmanship exhibitors at the EMO/PCQHA Novice Championship.

Exhibitors in amateur showmanship put on their game faces. (Pamela Britton-Baer photo)

Want to compete in AQHA’s amateur division at AQHA events? A general or life membership can be easily upgraded to an amateur membership so you can show in amateur classes.

To upgrade your membership, print and complete the amateur membership agreement portion of the AQHA membership application and mail or fax the application to AQHA.

Upgrading a general or life membership to amateur status for one year is $10. Upgrading for three years is $20.

Note that an amateur membership has to be renewed at least every three years.

Heading to a horse show soon and need to act fast? You may also upgrade your membership at an AQHA-approved show. There is an additional $5 fee for upgrading a membership at a show.

Membership upgrades cannot currently be processed online.

Changing Your Horse’s Name

September 8, 2014

Changing your Quarter Horse’s registered name is a simple process, but only some horses are eligible.

Horse in stall

Find out how to change your horse’s registered name. Journal photo.

Have you purchased an American Quarter Horse but aren’t too thrilled with his registered name? AQHA Customer Service gets many requests for changing a horse’s name. The process is simple, as long as your horse meets certain criteria.

To change your horse’s name, submit submit a name change form, his registration certificate and the $55 name change fee ($95 for non-members).

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Hall of Fame Nominations

September 2, 2014

Learn how to nominate a horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

Find out how to nominate a deserving horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stopping by AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo and visiting our gorgeous American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, then you’ve realized the majesty and awe of walking among legends.

From prolific horses like Three Bars (TB) and Poco Bueno to industry leaders like Scoop Vessels and Carol Rose, the stories of the best of the best are alive within the walls of our Hall of Fame. I consider it a treat spending time at the Hall of Fame, perusing the artifacts, photos and records of each Hall of Fame inductee. (In case you didn’t know, AQHA members get in FREE, so make sure Amarillo is on your must-see travel list!)

Induction into the Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors bestowed by the American Quarter Horse Association. Have you ever wondered how these individuals were chosen?

Anyone can nominate a person or horse to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Here’s how:

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Foundation Scholarships

August 25, 2014

Apply for a Foundation scholarship by December 1.

Young, college-bound horsemen and women are the future of our industry, and we are proud to offer them a variety of scholarship opportunities that can help them achieve their dreams.

The American Quarter Horse Foundation provides financial assistance to members of the American Quarter Horse Association and/or the American Quarter Horse Youth Association through general, racing, career path and state or regional scholarships.

Eligibility of applicants is based on the individual criteria and requirements provided for each scholarship offered. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, financial need and American Quarter Horse involvement, as well as applicant’s outstanding leadership and communication skills. The deadline to apply is December 1. Read the rest of this entry »

Auto-Renewal Program

August 18, 2014

Learn how to enroll in the AQHA Auto-Renewal Program, and let us take care of your membership and Journal renewals.


We make it easy to keep your membership and Journal subscription current. Enroll in Auto-Renewal today!

Since 2008,  AQHA has offered an Auto-Renewal program for memberships, The American Quarter Horse Journal and American Quarter Horse Foundation donations. It’s part of our ever-increasing efforts to modernize your Association. AQHA also uses less paper through the Auto-Renewal program, so to auto-renew is to be eco-friendly!

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Horse Identification Methods

August 12, 2014

How to record a non-race tattoo number or microchip with AQHA.


If you’re considering a lip tattoo as a means of permanent identification for your horse, AQHA is happy to add the tattoo information to his record.

Lip tattoos have been around for many years and have been used primarily for race horses. With the popularity of microchipping as another means of permanent horse identification, we want to make sure you’re comfortable with the process of adding lip tattoo and microchip information to your horse’s AQHA record.

Both of these identification methods are an excellent choice in recovering your horse in the event it is separated from you. And AQHA does its part by recording the information from lip tattoos and microchips on horses’ permanent records.

This gives AQHA additional resources for looking up a horse in our database. We can identify the record of a horse by: Read the rest of this entry »

Exhibitor Records

August 4, 2014

Keep track of your exhibitor record easily through AQHA Member Services.

The mental challenge of horse shows.

AQHA makes it easy to keep track of your exhibitor record. Journal photo

At AQHA, we know many of you work hard hauling from show to show, earning points with your American Quarter Horse in your favorite events. But do you know exactly how close you are to a major milestone – or even to qualification at an AQHA World Championship Show? And, do you know how your competition is stacking up?

AQHA Member Services offers records to help you determine how many points you’ve earned in each of your classes. And, if you’re an AQHA member, you can access them FREE using your monthly $10 in AQHA online records.

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AQHA Deadlines to Remember

July 28, 2014

Get the scoop on two important AQHA deadlines – foal registrations and stallion breeding reports.

Make sure you are prepared for your next foaling with these 10 fundamental tips. Journal photo

The AQHA Customer Service team is here to help you with all of your AQHA business needs and questions.

AQHA customer service representatives are asked hundreds of questions each day and receive about 45,000 phone calls each month. That’s a lot of interactions with our valued AQHA members!

One of our biggest functions in customer service is reminding people of important deadlines for completing AQHA business.

Here are a few dates you won’t want to forget about:

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AQHA Member Benefits

July 22, 2014

Our membership site walks you through all the benefits you receive through your AQHA membership.

Member DiscountIn today’s economy, AQHA members are making great efforts to spend their money wisely.

Many of you have made sacrifices: You’re carefully selecting the horse shows and trail rides closest to home. You’re holding off on that new saddle you want. You’re packing your lunches and banding your own manes.

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The AQHA Facebook Connection

July 15, 2014

Take these two easy steps to outsmart Facebook and make sure you see all of AQHA’s great posts.

Youre not catching all of our Facebook posts? Weve got an easy fix to help you hear us loud and clear

What’s that? You’re not catching all of AQHA’s Facebook posts? We’ve got an easy fix to help you hear us loud and clear.

Facebook has become a lot like my kids. Thanks to its new algorithm, it has developed selective hearing.

Take, for instance, these two messages:

  • “Who wants ice cream?”
  • “Time to do your homework.”

It’s no secret which of the two messages my kids will hear and which they’ll accidentally ignore.

But if I posted both messages to Facebook today, there’s no telling which message – if any – followers would see. Why? Because Facebook’s complicated new algorithm makes it harder than ever to get our messages to the people who need them. Facebook wants us Read the rest of this entry »

AQHA Records and Pedigrees

July 8, 2014

Learn how to easily order AQHA records and pedigrees online.

Mixer Horse

AQHA members receive $10 in free records research each month. Log in to AQHA Member Services to choose from numerous pedigree and record options.

AQHA’s online records are a great resource for our members, whether you’re a recreational rider or a professional. AQHA records aid in buying, selling or breeding your American Quarter Horse, as well as keeping up with performance points.

The best part about AQHA’s online records system is that you don’t have to call and wait for the records you need! Read the rest of this entry »

AQHA Show Schedule

June 24, 2014

This online resource is available to help you find the upcoming event nearest to you and your American Quarter Horse.

Find an AQHA show show using the online show schedule

Find an AQHA show near you, no matter what your competition level may be. Journal photo.

AQHA designed a show program that’s enjoyable for every level of rider and their American Quarter Horse, from Rookie competitors to weekend warriors. With fun and exciting new classes like ranch horse pleasure and boxing, an AQHA show is the perfect venue to test your skills with your American Quarter Horse.

But before you can pack your polo wraps, chaps and shined-up steed, you first need to find an AQHA show near you. Read the rest of this entry »