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How To Register Your AQHA Foal

March 30, 2015

Use these tips to make your foal a part of the world’s largest breed registry.

Register Your AQHA Foal

When it’s time to register your foal, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as “Does my foal need to be parentage verified?” (Journal photo)

Everyone loves American Quarter Horse babies.

But it takes a lot more than a sire and dam to get a foal registration in the works. One of our most frequently asked questions by AQHA members is, ‘How do I register my foal?’

Every year, AQHA mails out a pre-printed registration application (also called a breeder’s certificate) to every stallion owner who files a stallion breeding report. This application will contain pertinent information such as the sire and dam’s information, mare and stallion owner’s name and address and the breeding dates. It’s up to you, the proud owner of a new foal, to fill in the rest.

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Registration Fee Changes

March 23, 2015

Registration fees changed in January 2015. Here’s what you need to know.

You need to be an AQHA member to register your Quarter Horse. AQHA membership comes with hundreds of dollars in savings each year, plus America’s Horse magazine (digital only for international members), free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more. Join AQHA or renew your membership today!

At AQHA, we strive to make it as easy as possible to register your foals and older horses. While it was necessary to raise registration fees for the first time in decades, we are working hard to keep costs as low as possible for our members.

AQHA is excited to continue to transition into using new technology to streamline and speed up business processes for members. In 2014, AQHA improved the photo upload process for online registrations and also launched an online genetic testing order form, giving members access to these services 24/7. Any work submitted online receives expedited service, as it is typically processed the next business day.

In 2015, registrations submitted via the online system remain at their current pricing levels. If you don’t submit your registrations online, you’ll notice a $5 increase.

For convenience, registrations can still be mailed and faxed to AQHA. However, we encourage you to submit online – you’ll save time and money! By completing your registrations online, you’ll save on postage and won’t have to wait on the U.S. Postal Service for your paperwork to arrive at AQHA Headquarters. Plus, you’ll enjoy lower fees.

Here’s a guide to registering your Quarter Horse, including all the information you’ll need on hand to complete the registration process. You can complete your horse’s registration online through AQHA Member Services, or download a registration application to mail in. Read the rest of this entry »

Transfer Video Tutorial

March 9, 2015

Check out video tutorials,  AQHA’s latest digital customer service tool.

AQHA Transfer Report Video Tutorial

AQHA customer service gets asked for help filling out our forms a lot. With that in mind, we created a video tutorial that will help you complete your horse’s transfer report anytime, anywhere! Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to completing an AQHA transfer report. Be sure to read the rest of this post for some extra pointers on doing your homework before you buy.

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Coat Color Q&A

February 24, 2015

Each Friday, get your Quarter Horse color questions answered on Facebook.


American Quarter Horse foals are hitting the ground, and we want to help you determine their colors so you can accurately register them with AQHA.

AQHA’s color specialists have entered their busy season, taking countless calls and emails from customers needing to know more information on coat color genetics.

To give you personalized, fast advice, AQHA Equine Color Specialist Lisa Covey will be on AQHA’s Facebook page from 2 to 4 p.m. each Friday to answer your questions.

So gather up your horses’ information, photos and questions, and join us from 2 to 4 p.m. on Fridays for Coat Color Q&A at Lisa will be standing by to answer your questions. Simply post your questions and photos for Lisa on AQHA’s Facebook wall.

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AQHA Convention

February 16, 2015

Learn more about the annual AQHA convention and how you can be more involved with the decision-making processes of your Association.

The 2015 AQHA Convention is March 6-9 in Fort Worth.

One of the great things about AQHA is that it is governed by our members. Each spring, AQHA members gather for the annual AQHA convention to discuss AQHA rules and policies, review member-submitted rule changes, appoint new AQHA directors, induct new members into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and present year-end awards.

While this event is a lot of fun, with entertaining banquets and social events, AQHA convention is an important opportunity for the AQHA Executive Committee and board of directors to hear the ideas and suggestions of our valued membership.

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Racing Challenge Enrollment Fee

January 26, 2015

Act fast to enroll your horse in the Bank of America Racing Challenge by March 15 to take advantage of huge savings.

horse racing

Enroll your race horse today in the Bank of America Racing Challenge.

In an effort to help our customers enroll in the Bank of America Racing Challenge at affordable rates, AQHA is offering 2-year-old enrollments at $2,500 through March 15, 2015. After March 15, the fee increases to $8,000.

All registered American Quarter Horses are eligible to be enrolled into the Racing Challenge. The nominator must be the recorded owner or lessee at time of enrollment. Owners participating in the Racing Challenge must be current AQHA members in good standing to enroll a horse in the program and to compete in any Challenge race(s).

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Foals Bred by Cooled Transported and Frozen Semen

December 16, 2014

What you need to know to get your specially bred foal registered.

horse in stallWith modern advances in science, we can now breed a mare to a stallion without them ever being in the same pasture. They don’t even have to be on the same continent! Semen can be cooled or frozen and shipped virtually anywhere. Read on for AQHA’s rules regarding mares bred by cooled transported and frozen semen. Read the rest of this entry »

Stallion Directory

December 2, 2014

Use the free online directory of AQHA Incentive Fund-nominated stallions.


Mare owners also have the opportunity to peruse through Incentive Fund-nominated stallions in the free online AQHA stallion directory at (AQHA photo)

It’s a competitive world out there. To give your upcoming foal a leg up on the competition, start with a sire nominated to the American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund.

For a foal to be enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund, the foal’s sire must first be nominated to the program. To make life easier on mare owners, the December, January and February editions of The American Quarter Horse Journal feature a list of all current Incentive Fund-nominated stallions, as well as a special advertising section spotlighting just those American Quarter Horse stallions.

Mare owners also have the opportunity to peruse through Incentive Fund-nominated stallions in the free online AQHA stallion directory at

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Hall of Fame Nominations

November 17, 2014

Learn how to nominate a horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

Find out how to nominate a deserving horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stopping by AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo and visiting our gorgeous American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, then you’ve realized the majesty and awe of walking among legends.

From prolific horses like Three Bars (TB) and Poco Bueno to industry leaders like Scoop Vessels and Carol Rose, the stories of the best of the best are alive within the walls of our Hall of Fame. I consider it a treat spending time at the Hall of Fame, perusing the artifacts, photos and records of each Hall of Fame inductee. (In case you didn’t know, AQHA members get in FREE, so make sure Amarillo is on your must-see travel list!)

Induction into the Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors bestowed by the American Quarter Horse Association. Have you ever wondered how these individuals were chosen?

Anyone can nominate a person or horse to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Here’s how:

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AQHA Deadlines to Remember

November 3, 2014

Get the scoop on two important AQHA deadlines – foal registrations and stallion breeding reports.

Make sure you are prepared for your next foaling with these 10 fundamental tips. Journal photo

The AQHA Customer Service team is here to help you with all of your AQHA business needs and questions.

AQHA customer service representatives are asked hundreds of questions each day and receive about 45,000 phone calls each month. That’s a lot of interactions with our valued AQHA members!

One of our biggest functions in customer service is reminding people of important deadlines for completing AQHA business.

Here are a few dates you won’t want to forget about:

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Horse Industry Scholarships

October 27, 2014

If you’re college bound, apply for a Foundation scholarship by December 1.

Scholarship photo.ashxAt AQHA and the American Quarter Horse Foundation, we know that supporting our youth is paramount. After all, they’re the future of our great horse industry.

Luckily for our college-bound AQHA and AQHYA members, the Foundation provides financial assistance through general, racing, career path and state or regional scholarships. These horse-industry scholarships help ensure a bright future for many of our AQHA and AQHYA members each year and foster future leaders and ambassadors of the American Quarter Horse.

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How To Register an Older Horse

October 21, 2014

AQHA makes it affordable to register your older American Quarter Horses. Find out how easy it is to get a set of papers for everyone in your pasture.

No matter your Quarter Horse’s age, AQHA strives to make the registration process easy. Share this post on Facebook!

AQHA makes an attempt to encourage early foal registration by setting weanling fees low. If you have a horse that is aged and unregistered, it can seem like quite a feat, financially and otherwise, to file the paperwork. But AQHA’s older-horse registration fees are meant to lighten your load. In the past, AQHA members paid $550 for a 36-month-old horse and $1,000 for horses that were 48 months old or older. You now only pay $400 for horses 36 months old and $500 for horses 4 years old and older. (Note: A $5 fee is added to all registrations not completed online.)

AQHA Horse Registration Fees

  • Weanlings = $30
  • Late Weanlings = $60
  • Yearlings = $150
  • 2 Year Olds = $300
  • 3 Year Olds = $400
  • 4 Year Olds and Older = $500

Because the registration process is the same at any age, the first step is to get a registration application. You will complete the application the same way you do for a weanling. The only problem we see people encounter is locating the breeders for the appropriate signature and, in some instances, DNA.

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