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Naming Your AQHA Foal

February 8, 2016

Learn the ins, outs and in-betweens of naming your American Quarter Horse.

AQHA can help you pick the perfect name for your new American Quarter Horse foal.

At AQHA, we’re often intrigued about some of the names owners and breeders come up with for their American Quarter Horses. We’ve seen plays on words; made-up-on-the-spot-for-the-occasion names; we-must-have-let-that-one-slip names; cliché names; and the ever-popular pedigree names. We chuckle as we wonder, “How in the heck did they think of that?”

What and how an American Quarter Horse can be named is a common question. AQHA does have rules that tend to change from time to time regarding naming a horse. We’ll explain these rules, plus tell you how to change your horse’s name if you decide you don’t like it, or didn’t pick it in the first place. Check out the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations for a complete look at AQHA rules and regulations. Read the rest of this entry »

Racing Challenge Enrollment Fee

February 1, 2016

Act fast to enroll your horse in the Bank of America Racing Challenge by March 15 to take advantage of huge savings.

horse racing

Enroll your race horse today in the Bank of America Racing Challenge.

In an effort to help our customers enroll in the Bank of America Racing Challenge at affordable rates, AQHA is offering 2-year-old enrollments at $2,500 through March 15, 2016. After March 15, the fee increases to $8,000.

All registered American Quarter Horses are eligible to be enrolled into the Racing Challenge. The nominator must be the recorded owner or lessee at time of enrollment. Owners participating in the Racing Challenge must be current AQHA members in good standing to enroll a horse in the program and to compete in any Challenge race(s).

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The AQHA Facebook Connection

January 25, 2016

Try these tips for catching all of AQHA’s great posts and enjoying fast, friendly customer service.

Youre not catching all of our Facebook posts? Weve got an easy fix to help you hear us loud and clear

What’s that? You’re not catching all of AQHA’s Facebook posts? We’ve got an easy fix to help you hear us loud and clear.

By AQHA Manager of Online/Interactive Communications Jody Reynolds

Facebook has become a lot like my kids. Thanks to its new algorithm, it has developed selective hearing.

Take, for instance, these two messages:

  • “Who wants ice cream?”
  • “Time to do your homework.”

It’s no secret which of the two messages my kids will hear and which they’ll accidentally ignore.

But if I posted both messages to Facebook today, there’s no telling which message – if any – followers would see. Why? Because Facebook’s complicated algorithm makes it harder than ever to get our messages to the people who need them. Facebook wants us Read the rest of this entry »

AQHA Transfer FAQs

January 18, 2016

Three of the biggest ownership transfer questions answered.

horse in fieldUpdating the ownership of an American Quarter Horse represents a vital part of AQHA’s mission statement: protecting the integrity of the American Quarter Horse breed.

As stated in the post AQHA Transfers, Cheap and Painless, it’s important to make sure the horse you’re purchasing has an updated ownership record. Even then, there are a few bumps you might hit along the way. Read on for the three most common issues we see when completing ownership transfers.

Need to transfer your horse? Find transfer forms and other paperwork on AQHA’s Forms page.


Why did I get charged for a new membership? I already had one!

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Find Your AQHA Level

January 11, 2016

Get the lowdown on how to find your level for AQHA shows.

find your aqha LEVEL

AQHA levels group horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and achievements earned. (Credit: Journal)

Everyone has a place at AQHA shows, from beginners to the most highly accomplished competitor. AQHA levels group horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and achievements earned.

At AQHA shows, classes are leveled based on exhibitor or horse records. Levels eligibility is based on both points and awards earned.

  • Leveled by exhibitor record: youth, amateur, Select amateur, halter and cattle classes
  • Leveled by horse record: open division classes (excluding halter and cattle events)

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Stallion Directory

December 7, 2015

Use the free online directory of AQHA Incentive Fund-nominated stallions to find the perfect match for your mare.

3600-15-669-Mare-owner-Web-ad-300x250It’s a competitive world out there. To give your upcoming foal a leg up on the competition, start with a sire nominated to the American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund.

For a foal to be enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund, the foal’s sire must first be nominated to the program. To make life easier on mare owners, the December, January and February editions of The American Quarter Horse Journal feature a list of all current Incentive Fund-nominated stallions, as well as a special advertising section spotlighting just those American Quarter Horse stallions.

Mare owners also have the opportunity to peruse through Incentive Fund-nominated stallions in the free online AQHA stallion directory at

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November 16, 2015

Check off your end-of-the-year AQHA to-do list!

palomino quarter horse foalThe end of yet another year is closing in, and everyone is in a mad rush to meet deadlines and complete paperwork. In the midst of holiday travels, those deadlines can be hard to keep track of! Read below to see a few of the most common year-end deadlines and a few others that are coming up.

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AQHA Incentive Fund

October 12, 2015

Whether you’re showing horses, breeding horses or both, AQHA’s Incentive Fund program provides a return on your investment.

For all of you who breed show horses, buy show horses or just plain get out there and show horses, AQHA’s Incentive Fund program is an excellent way to show your AQHA pride and get a return on your investment. Read the rest of this entry »

Changing Your Horse’s Name

September 8, 2015

Changing your Quarter Horse’s registered name is a simple process, but only some horses are eligible.

Horse in stall

Find out how to change your horse’s registered name. Journal photo.

Have you purchased an American Quarter Horse but aren’t too thrilled with his registered name? AQHA Customer Service gets many requests for changing a horse’s name. The process is simple, as long as your horse meets certain criteria.

To change your horse’s name, submit submit a name change form, his registration certificate and the $55 name change fee ($95 for non-members).

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AQHA Membership Card Replacement

August 3, 2015

Learn how to get a replacement AQHA membership card.

Want to attend AQHA shows? Make sure your AQHA membership card is always with you!


Every AQHA member is sent a membership card. This card contains all of your membership information and is your ‘golden ticket’ to receive a lot of awesome discounts through AQHA’s Corporate Partners. It serves as the ultimate membership renewal notice – hard, plastic and difficult to destroy – it has your expiration date printed on it. This seems like such an inconsequential subject, but AQHA receives several phone calls each day with questions about membership cards. They also make up a big part of the e-mail we receive.

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Update Your AQHA Information

July 27, 2015

AQHA makes it easy to update your information, so you can continue to get important updates about your membership.

Moving is enough of a hassle, and everybody has to change emails now and then. AQHA makes it easy to update your contact information with us, so you can continue to get important updates about AQHA and your membership.

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Horse Identification Methods

July 20, 2015

How to record a non-race tattoo number or microchip with AQHA.


If you’re considering a lip tattoo as a means of permanent identification for your horse, AQHA is happy to add the tattoo information to his record.

Lip tattoos have been around for many years and have been used primarily for race horses. With the popularity of microchipping as another means of permanent horse identification, we want to make sure you’re comfortable with the process of adding lip tattoo and microchip information to your horse’s AQHA record.

Both of these identification methods are an excellent choice in recovering your horse in the event it is separated from you. And AQHA does its part by recording the information from lip tattoos and microchips on horses’ permanent records.

This gives AQHA additional resources for looking up a horse in our database. We can identify the record of a horse by: Read the rest of this entry »