Horse Health

Check Your Horse’s Teeth

August 21, 2008

Maintenance and regular check-ups are a must.

If you ask a horse to back and he rears, it might not be disobedience; it could be pain, says AQHA Professional Horseman Patti Carter.

“Make sure that your horse has a good dental program. The teeth are the first thing I check on a horse when he comes to me for training.”

“If you’re finding resistance to backing, check the teeth to make sure there are no sharp edges or that the bit fits correctly or that you’re not asking a young horse to back up with wolf teeth.”

“Horses go into pressure. If their faces are sore, they will push on the bit.”

“I have my younger horses’ teeth floated twice a year and the older horses once a year unless they have problems. Then I’ll have them done twice, too.”

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