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Color Possibilities

November 8, 2010

AQHA’s color specialist helps sort out what colors are possible when breeding a gray mare to a chestnut stallion.


I just bred my dapple grey mare – with a lot of freckles on her – to a chestnut stallion. What are the possible colors I might get? What would I have to breed her to to get a palomino?



Hello Amanda,

Thank you for your e-mail and to answer your question, when breeding your gray mare to your chestnut stallion the possible colors would depend on what is in the pedigree of the gray. One thing to remember is we would need to know the color of the gray before turning gray. Without that information the sorrel/chestnut will pass on only the red gene. Thus I could tell you the foals would be sorrel/chestnut or gray.

To answer your second question, a palomino is genetically a sorrel/chestnut with one crème dilution gene. If you have a solid colored horse (not palomino or buckskin) you will need to breed to a palomino/buckskin.

To better assist you with your individual situation you are welcome to call the office so I can discuss this with you. Just ask for me or a color expert. Thanks for your questions!

Lisa Covey
Equine Color Specialist