Horse Racing

Elements of Handicapping

August 18, 2008

Dive into the exciting sport of Quarter Horse racing by learning the basics.

America’s fastest athlete, the American Quarter Horse, might be America’s most consistent athlete. Look at these figures: From 1999 to 2003, Quarter Horse wagering favorites finished in the money (first, second or third) 70 percent of the time, while winning 36 percent of the time.

But that’s not saying Quarter Horse racing lacks the excitement of winning the long shots. With 41 percent of the horses finishing first, second or third going off with odds of 5-1 or greater, exotic wagers have paid handsome rewards. The key is knowing how to cash in on those rewards yourself.

But how? By arming yourself with knowledge.

Smart handicappers do their homework by learning everything they can about the horse, its rider, trainer, bloodlines, competition and even the surface the horse will run on. When you learn and observe what your competing handicappers DON’T, you’ll increase the frequency of your trips to the window to cash tickets!

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