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EVA: A Manageable Problem

April 21, 2014

Equine viral arteritis in horses is manageable.

Learn why Dr. Joe Manning of Sports Medicine Services in Weatherford, Texas, says, “EVA has significant implications from the standpoint of the breeding business,” in this FREE report from The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal library.

Although EVA is rarely lethal to horses, it can play havoc with your breeding program, as its greatest danger lies in mares aborting their pregnancies. Find out how you can protect your mares and breeding program through this report.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this great FREE report:

  • What EVA is
  • Symptoms of EVA
  • Treatment and Prevention of EVA
  • Transportation and quarantine
  • Top things to remember about EVA

EVA is passed by direct horse-to-horse contact but can be transferred through indirect means such as shared equipment and handlers. Mares, geldings and sexually immature stallions will be able to shed the virus shortly after they acquire it. Sexually mature stallions can become carriers of the virus, as EVA is a testosterone-dependent virus.

Along with Dr. Manning’s professional advice, he is joined by Peter Timoney, a professor and researcher at the Gluck Equine Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

“EVA is the only known testosterone- or androgen-dependent carrier state that I’m aware of among mammalian viruses. That’s why it only occurs in the intact, sexually mature male,” says Timoney.

EVA is a resilient virus and can survive and still be transferred through chilled and frozen semen, making it a huge threat when shipping semen for artificial insemination.

How do you find out if your horse is EVA positive? EVA: A Manageable Problem, walks you through the different tests and scenarios of positive and elevated readings. You’ll learn how to determine whether a horse is contagious.

Take the next step and learn how to protect your horse from contracting EVA, therefore preventing any losses in your breeding program from this manageable virus. The FREE EVA: A Manageable Problem report discusses the vaccine by Pfizer Animal Health and proper administration practices.

International horse traffic is also discussed and options are weighted as some countries have stricter regulations regarding elevated levels of the antibodies. Be able to make an educated decision on what is best for your horses and your breeding program.

Become knowledgeable on all proper isolation and quarantine methods and when to apply them within your breeding program to prevent an EVA outbreak.

Don’t let EVA interfere with your breeding program. EVA: A Manageable Problem will bring you up to speed with what this virus is all about, how to keep it away from your horses and what to do if you do come into contact with EVA.

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