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Famous Brewery Replaces Clydesdales With Quarter Horses

April 1, 2011

“Everyone knows Quarter Horses can play football better anyway,” says brewery president on April 1st.

By Lesley Martin for America’s Horse Daily

Two-Bits started pumping iron for the big game.

Today, AQHA announced its most recent partnership with a famous brewery. As part of the alliance, the brewery has agreed to replace its legendary Clydesdales with American Quarter Horses.

“Everyone knows Quarter Horses can play football better anyway,” the brewery’s president said today in a press release. However, the terms of agreement state that the Quarter Horses will be bay with blazes and white stockings, so as to not confuse the public. The brewery’s wranglers are now searching the country for its new equine mascots. The new team will debut at next year’s big game.

… Just kidding!

Happy April Fool’s Day from AQHA! Now, enjoy these registered names from the AQHA database. They’re real, we promise.

April Fools Yall

Laughing Atya

Practical Joke

Fake Cash

Laugh And Be Merry

Laugh Baby Laugh

Fooled You Didn’t I

Prank Call

Laugh With Me Honey

Joke On Daddy

Phoney Baloney

Fake Da Funk

Laugh Till It Hurts

Prank Dialin Bully


Fool Me Once

April 1st

Phony Pony

Laughin My Sox Off


Lie and Deny

Fool Behind Bars

Laughin N Weezin

Fake Snake

Fool Me Again

Laughin Gas

Fake ID

Fool’s Play

Fakeit Tillyoumakeit

Fool Em Wif Madgik

Phony Roany

Laughing Chicken

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