Feeding a Horse That Quids

Learn the facts on feeding a horse who quids his hay.

Ask an ExpertLearn the facts on feeding a horse that quids his hay.


What is the best feeding for a horse that quids?

–Becky Novotny

To answer this question, we sought out Megan Connolly from AQHA Corporate Partner Nutrena.

A horse will quid his hay when his teeth are no longer able to effectively chew his

hay or forage. First things first: have your veterinarian check the horse's teeth. He might be

due for a float, or there might be other issues happening that would cause him to quid his forage. It’s important to have this done sooner versus later, as your horse might be losing valuable calories or risk an impaction from partially chewed hay.

If quidding is age related, a horse who quids is ready to change to a senior feed. Most senior feeds, like Life Design Senior from Nutrena, can be fed as a sole ration. Adding warm water to the feed and allowing it to soak for a few minutes turns the pellets to an easy-to-chew mash.

Rest assured that the fiber level in Life Design Senior is high enough to replace hay. You might also try soaking hay cubes for some added fiber. If you have additional questions, you can select ‘contact us’ at www.NutrenaWorld.com.

— Megan Connolly with AQHA Corporate Partner Nutrena

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