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Feeding Corn to Your Horse

April 15, 2013

h4>Nutrena Horse Feed answers a corn feeding myth.

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Is there any reason why I shouldn't feed corn to my horses?

For the answer to this question, we consulted AQHA Corporate

Partner Nutrena Horse Feed.


There are a lot of myths about feeding corn to your horse. Whole corn contains somewhere

around 65 percent starch which, if consumed in large quantities, could overwhelm the digestive tract of the horse and cause problems. Corn is, however, an energy-dense ingredient, making it a highly available and desirable ingredient to provide energy in a feed ration.


fed alone, corn — like any other single grain — is not nutritionally balanced to meet a horse’s needs. However, when provided as an ingredient in an overall balanced feed, it makes an excellent part of the makeup of the whole feed. When sourced, tested, processed and managed correctly, corn can bring many benefits to horse nutrition.