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Finding An Ulcer

February 11, 2013

Wondering if your horse has an ulcer? Here are some tips.

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How do you know if your horse has an ulcer?

For the answer to this question, we consulted Rebecca Peskin at AQHA Corporate Partner Merial.


The only definitive way to know your horse has an ulcer is by having a veterinarian perform an endoscopy with a scope that is long enough to see into the stomach. If your veterinarian doesn’t have a scope this long, they may recommend that you treat the horse with Gastrogard and monitor to see if any of the clinical signs you may have been witnessing start to disappear.

Unfortunately, not all horses show

clinical signs — even if they have significant ulceration. But many do show signs, which may include:

— Rebecca Peskin, AQHA Corporate Partner Merial.