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Foal-Heat Breeding Strategy

January 9, 2012

Try your hand at foal-heat breeding.


What’s a good strategy to use to get your mare bred on a foal heat?


Try this commonly used foal-heat breeding strategy:

  • Have the mare ultrasounded on days 7 and 9 post foaling.
  • Mares ovulating on or before Day 9 are not bred. Instead, they are short-cycled – monitored through ovulation and given prostaglandins (typically five days after ovulation) to bring them back into heat.
  • Mares that still have a large follicle nine days post foaling are bred as normal. Use of ovulation-inducing agents (hCG, deslorelin, etc.) is discouraged until days 9 or 10.

— Dr. Patrick McCue
Equine Reproduction Laboratory at Colorado State University, Reproduction Specialist

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