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Cowboy Etiquette

September 10, 2013

This free report teaches you old-time manners.

Paula Cole once asked the very astute question: where have all the cowboys gone? Today’s ropers, ranchers and cattle enthusiasts are more likely to be investment bankers than professional hands. As the ranching population ages and rural youth move to cities, true cowboys are becoming a rare find.

While the natural horsemanship revolution has revitalized the horse-training methods of the old west, what has become of rules for cowboy etiquette?

Cowboy etiquette is defined as proper range conduct when working livestock, with an emphasis on respect and safety. Just as it is important for a cowboy to know how to work around his horse, he must know how to work with his team.

AQHA’s Cowboy Etiquette report, brought to you by America's Horse, is the perfect guide for aspiring and professional cowboys. This fun and useful guide will help everyone learn how to manage the chaos of a working ranch.

The Cowboy Etiquette report lays out the rules of the ranch, which are generally set in stone, such as:

  • When cattle are being sorted outside, hold the herd together in a group. Don’t start sorting without being asked.
  • Never assume a position. The “cowboy way” is to say: “I’ll do any job that needs doing.” Be willing to do the job that needs to be done, but don’t take on a task you are not qualified for. When moving cattle, ride drag – that’s located at the back of the herd. Don’t promote yourself to wing or lead.
  • Don’t criticize a man’s horse, cattle or dog.

The guide includes a special section for ropers. Learn how you can make the ground crew’s job easier and safer.

  • All roper’s go through dry spells, but if you are simply not getting calves, you need to let someone else rope. And always control your temper. Too often, ropers who are not roping well will get frustrated and blame their horses.
  • Keep the herd quiet. Don’t get stubborn about getting a particular calf. Rope the one that’s handy.

Download the Cowboy Etiquette report today and impress your crew with your knowledge of old-time manners.

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