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June 13, 2011

AQHA’s free Guide to Wagering on American Quarter Horse Racing will help you win at the racetrack.

It’s a brand of excitement that only America’s Fastest Athlete can deliver. Ours is an adrenaline-pumping sport, a classic confrontation of speed that you’re sure to love. These muscular, American-bred speedsters are the sprinters of the racing world.

Almost every race features a thrilling stretch run and a heart-stopping photo finish. Handicapping America’s Fastest Athlete is equally as thrilling and usually provides racing fans with a good return on their investment.

If you’re a fan of Thoroughbred racing, you won’t be disappointed with our American Quarter Horse events. The excitement is real. And if you’re experienced with handicapping the Thoroughbreds, you’ll find yourself on familiar ground here because the similarities between the two breeds greatly outnumber the differences. Class, a prime factor with Thoroughbreds, also is important in handicapping American Quarter Horses. The major difference between the two is pace.

Straightaway American Quarter Horse racing is an all-out burst of speed from the starting gate with every horse trying to put a head in front at the finish. There is no time to maneuver for position or come from behind in the final stretch run as in Thoroughbred racing. Therefore, the experienced handicapper can concentrate on speed, class, jockey/trainer combinations and track conditions without having to spend time trying to predict how the race will be run.

AQHA is proud to offer The Guide to Wagering on American Quarter Horse Racing, an information-packed, 48-page downloadable report, FREE to you! Although you may find our sections on the elements of handicapping and wagering of primary interest to you, we urge you to read through the entire guide.

We’ve included a lot of information on certain factors in American Quarter Horse racing that will influence your success at the wagering window.

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The Guide to Wagering on American Quarter Horse Racing will give you a rich understanding of the exciting sport of horse racing and allow you to have even more fun at the race track.

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