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Horse Arthritis Treatment

July 5, 2011

Learn about a new treatment option that may help horses cope with arthritis.

Your faithful babysitter horse limps a little in the mornings, and he has a hard time getting up if he’s been laying down. You dread it, but you know the reality is that arthritis might be setting in or getting worse.

You’ve tried joint injections, and while that might have worked for a while, he’s in pain again. So now what?

In AQHA’s FREE Horse Arthritis Treatment report, you’ll learn about a new treatment option – IRAP – that is gaining results in horses with osteoarthritis.

Your first question might be, “What the heck is IRAP, anyway?” You’ll get the answer to that question and others when you download this free report.

IRAP stands for Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein, and it might be able to help decrease inflammation and pain in joints affected by arthritis.

Your FREE Horse Arthritis Treatment report will show you:

  • What IRAP is
  • What the treatment can do
  • How IRAP is used as a treatment
  • The uses of IRAP in humans
  • What conditions IRAP may not be able to help
  • The importance of proper diagnosis in the treatment of osteoarthritis
  • The costs associated with IRAP procedures

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IRAP is still a new treatment, and more extensive testing is currently underway. In horses that have been treated with an IRAP procedure, results have been promising in terms of reduction of joint pain and inflammation. In general, after treatment with IRAP, test subject horses moved with minimal lameness, if not completely soundly.

The Horse Arthritis Treatment report addresses:

  • What procedures are involved in IRAP treatment
  • What types of joint pain may be most responsive to treatment
  • Where IRAP treatment originated

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