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Hubbard: Success in Business

May 20, 2013

2007 Galbreath Award winner R. D. Hubbard discusses his successes in the horse industry and beyond.

R.D. Hubbard has contributed much to the Quarter Horse racing world, and now you can learn about his success. His career as an entrepreneur, both within the equine industry and in other industries, has been remarkable for its achievements.

During the 2008 Bank of America Challenge Championships in Lafayette, Louisiana, Rich Wilcke, director of University of Louisiana’s Equine Industry Program, spoke with Dee Hubbard about his perspectives on entrepreneurship and his own career.

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Dee attributes much of his success to three main factors: the people in his life, his willingness to take risks and incentive.

No matter what business you are in, you have to deal, and get along, with people – as customers, as suppliers, as competitors, as investors, as partners or as employees, Dee said. “I learned the value of surrounding myself with the best people, many of whom knew how to deal with crucial things that I didn’t know very much about.”

When Dee talks about taking risks, he doesn’t necessarily mean gambling. To him, there is a big difference between a gambler and a risk-taker. In business, you get the facts, weigh the options, and take the risk in the belief that the odds are in your favor. A gambler tends to shoot it all in hopes of winning.

The final key to his success was his incentive. When Dee first started working in the business world, he was married and had a family. He had the incentive to become a hard-working employee, and that landed him the job of managing a small business. The owner of that business became Dee’s mentor and taught him about the business.

It was through his mentors and a little luck that Dee was able to become the entrepreneur he is today.

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real estate and horses.

Some of the famous horses Dee has owned or co-owned include: Straw Flight, Moolah Bar and Diamond Charge.

In 1961, Straw Flights total earnings were $46,202. That would be more than $333,000 today. Similarly, Moolah Bar and Diamond Charge were also stakes winners and money makers.

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