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Orphan Foal Care

June 3, 2014

Horse owners have many options when faced with an orphaned foal.

No one wishes for it, but many have to deal with it unexpectedly: the orphaned foal. It’s easy to be scared and overwhelmed when faced with this challenge. So the best course of action is to become educated.

AQHA offers the Orphan Foal Care free report to give you the knowledge to handle an orphaned foal situation. Download your copy today, and add it to your library of helpful horse tips.

In the Orphan Foal Care report, you’ll learn the crucial steps to take within the first hours of an orphan foal’s life. You’ll get an understanding of the unique needs of orphan foals and ways to care for the foal without breaking the bank and losing too much sleep.

Orphan Foal Care details a real-life example of an orphan foal and the steps his owners took to raise him to grow big and strong. It was an intense time commitment, but well worth the effort.

In this easy-to-understand, five-page report, you’ll learn:

  • How to ensure your orphan foal receives colostrum
  • Milk replacer options
  • Bucket feeding advice
  • Ways to incorporate a nurse mare
  • How to keep your orphan foal from becoming a pet
  • The pros and cons of chemically inducing lactation on an open mare
  • Plus all kinds of ways to keep your orphan foal healthy and thriving

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Dr. Leslie Dykstra at Oklahoma City Equine offers great advice in this report.

“If the foal is just within a few days of life, it’s best to get a nurse mare,” Dr. Dykstra says. “Not only is the foal going to get important nutrients and antibodies from the mare’s milk, but the mare has a lot to teach the foal when it comes to interaction with other horses and giving them the sense of how to be a horse.

“When you put them on a bucket or try to feed them with a bottle, some of that can be lost if they haven’t had time to just learn those important characteristics of interacting with other horses,” she adds. “If they’re a few weeks old or older, it may be easier and more economical for the owners to go ahead and put them on a bucket. We usually have good success with that.”

Do you know how much colostrum a foal needs? Dr. Kykstra explains the ideal amount and the different ways to administer it in addition to nursing directly from the mare.

Be prepared, and gain the knowledge to help if the need arises. Download your copy of Orphan Foal Care today!