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Showmanship Basics

January 29, 2013

Learn the fundamentals of showmanship so your next pattern is perfect.

AQHA’s 2008 showmanship world champion Nicole Barnes knows how to perform a perfect showmanship pattern for the judges. Learn her secrets in AQHA’s FREE Showmanship Basics report!

In this valuable report, Nicole’s trainers, Brad and Valerie Kearns, explain:

  • The basics of the quarter system, the established method for inspecting and showing horses at halter
  • How to get your horse sparkling clean and outfitted in a well-fitting leather halter
  • How to attain the correct positions beside your horse
  • The many maneuvers judges can call for in a showmanship pattern
  • How to practice a pattern at home
  • How to streamline your routine for quickness and accuracy
  • And more tips for gaining an edge on other showmanship competitors

Plus, Brad and Valerie explain why showmanship is the perfect event for people who can’t afford an expensive horse.

“Showmanship is a class where you can be on a limited budget, work hard and be competitive even at the national level,” they said. “The class isn’t

judged on who has the most expensive outfit or fanciest halter. The AQHA rulebook calls for you to be neatly attired and your horse to be well-groomed.”

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The Showmanship Basics report offers numerous full-color photos of Nicole and her Quarter Horse, Zippos Ace Of Spades, modeling correct and incorrect showmanship positions. You’ll also get a detailed practice pattern to help you polish your skills at home.

You’ll also get a good grasp of what judges are looking for.

Showmanship is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in showing their horse in competition. And with a little guidance, you can be on your way to a blue ribbon!

“To win in showmanship requires practice at home,” the Kearns said. “You can’t win if you and your horse can’t complete every maneuver with precision. Think of the show as a job interview, where you and your horse should look your best. In the end, it isn’t the competitor with the most expensive horse or outfit who wins. The gold buckle or trophy goes to the person who was the most effectively prepared on any given day.”

“People often ask me where I learn the many tips I suggest to them. All I have to

say is that I am an avid reader of Americas Horse Daily. Americas Horse Daily has proven to be a great resource for me. I especially enjoy the training and showing tips. I am one of those people who likes learning and trying new things with my horses. I love how I can print out the free reports and have a written copy to take out and use in the barn. The articles and tips are brief but detailed enough for anyone to use. This is ideal for my busy lifestyle. I often find myself sharing the free reports with my daughter and her 4-H friends at clinics and other events. The greatest reward is to place in the show ring, and I find satisfaction in knowing that I did the work all by myself, without the use of a costly professional trainer. It just goes to show that you can be successful with good information and the ambition to see it through. The difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph!’ “

Julie Kunz
Clear Lake, MN