Stan Immenschuh

This all-around hand looks back on his cowboy’s life with Quarter Horses.

Get the full story on this all-around hand with a passion for Quarter Horses.

Stan Immenschuh knew his own mind, but his favorite thing was working on the minds of horses.

“The thing that I got the most kick out of, and gave me the most satisfaction, was working with the cutting horses,” he says. “You get them broke and everything, and when you first start working them on cattle and they first start watching, putting their ears on them and making the moves, that’s more fun than anything, more than showing or anything else.”

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Stan has a number of stories of working cattle a-horseback.

Here’s one:

“Jimmy Williams was a real good friend of mine,” he says. “I learned a lot from him. Jimmy was a great horse show guy. He had a stable in San Diego County and was training cutting horses. . . . Jimmy and I used to trade out: He’d come out and work cattle on the ranch I was on, the Ivanhoe Ranch in El Cajon, and I’d haul down to his stable.

“He taught me most of the stuff that I learned back then – how to use the war bridle and a bunch of different things. And just being around him, I picked up all kinds of little things, like you’ve got to give a horse time. I was real lucky to get hooked up with Jimmy, because he eventually ended up with hunters and jumpers in at a riding stable in Pasadena, but he couldn’t keep cattle there. He had some good horses and he sent them down to me to work cows on.

“Some of his owners were big in Hollywood, like Larry Lansburgh, the guy that made movies – I broke a Driftwood filly for him, and I rode some other horses for him and other people who were Jimmy’s customers. In those days, a bunch of Hollywood people had horses.

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“One of the horses that Larry Lansburgh owned and Jimmy sent to me was going to be used in a movie that they made about a cow horse that became a jumping horse, ‘The Horse With The Flying Tail’ (Disney, 1960),” Stan recalls. “Larry Lansburgh owned the horse and Jimmy trained him in a crash course in jumping.

“Larry was interested in cow horses, too, so he sent him down to me to work cattle on. The horse was a double in the movie. They didn’t really want me to make a cutting horse, but just wanted me to get him to where he would work a cow. I was just getting him started working cows a little bit. I had an arena with a hogwire fence with a couple of rails of old boards, one old board on top and one in the middle.

“I was going across the arena on the horse, and something clicked in that horse’s mind when he got to that fence – that he’d better jump it – and he went up, went right down and smashed everything down, hung me over the post like a wet rag. He wasn’t hurt but I was, broke some ribs and got banged up pretty good.”

11 thoughts on “Stan Immenschuh”

  1. I just wanted to know if Stan Immenschuh was related to Doc Immenschuh. I remember the Ivanhoe Ranch in El Cajon. Doc Immenschuh was our Vet back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I think Hobby Horse was raised on the Ivanhoe Ranch. Any way I have great memories of the Bonita Valley and El Cajon area growning up.

  2. Doc Immenschuh was one of Stan’s two older brothers. Stan’s father was a cowboy in Kansas before becoming a veterinarian who worked for Dan Casement in Colorado. Casement was one of the founders of AQHA, and Stan’s brother Robert (‘Bob”, who now is deceased) was born in Colorado, was a heckuva hand with a rope and earned his vet degree at Colorado State University.

    — Richard Chamberlain, senior writer for The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal

  3. I really enjoyed the article and downloaded it for my repeated enjoyment. I saw the movie Horse with the Flying Tail but didn’t know he was connected to it. That is a wonderful movie for those who love jumping.

  4. Stan Immenschuh was my uncle. He was the youngest son of Dr. A.P. (Doc) Immenschuh and Helen T. Immenschuh. His siblings predeceased him: Bill, Bob, and Betty. R.I.P. Uncle Stan!

    Cheryl Immenschuh McCurdy, 5-4-2012.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with Stan’s family and friends.I have many great memories of Stan helping me out with my horses. He was a wonderful friend Of my family.My father ( Bill Hogue) just passed away on Easter Sunday,so this adds to my saddness.They both
    lived very full lives and leave us with great memories to hold on to.

  6. My father, Bill Lawrence, passed away in 1985, I was nineteen. I really wasn’t around my dad that much as he and my mom divorced when I was seven. Long story short. I found Stan’s card in my families stuff…….I called him. He was so fun to talk to. One of the most positve people I knew. He always talked to me about the Lawrence family……he filled in some pretty important gaps for me. Thanks Stan! I will miss our phone calls.

  7. P.S. What a small world. I met Julia Campbell at Northeastern Junior College in 1983…………she was an instuctor for the new horse program at NJC. Stan’s dad worked for Dan Casement, not sure how that works but Julia’s dad was Jack Casement, Does anyone know if that was Jack’s father? (Dan)

    ……….One of the few times I got to spend with my dad, Bill…..who was a good hand too, we were eating at a restaurant in Fall Brook, California or Temecula, (I was lost)> There was a table full of guys wearing cowboy hats… dad motioned towards Stan I. to me and said, “That’s the only hand at that table.”

  8. Very, very interesting Stan, my hat is off to you, I just bet we might be related some how, you think? Also thank you for the service you and the rest of the men did for this country. I was about to come into this world at that time……..Raymond Immenschuh…Yukon Okla.

  9. I met stan 3 years ago, in 2010, he was the uncle I never new about I got to see him a couple of times and visit for a few hours, I am sure lucky I got to meet him, very kind, and gentle man, he had a happy go lucky way about him, I wish I could have seen him on a horse. I hope his book will be published soon, he had lots of good stories. He had great family photos of the family farm in Kansas.

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