Fundamentals of Horsemanship

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AQHA Fundamentals of horsemanship

Solid fundamentals are the key to success in the saddle.  AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship will give you the inspiration, skills and confidence to create a more rewarding relationship with your horse.

It’s an incredible value no horse owner should be without!

  • New horse owners learn step-by-step methods to a sound riding foundation
  • Seasoned riders reinforce and refine core skills
  • All riders build a better relationship with their favorite partner

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Fundamentals of Horsemanship Steps 1 and 2 now available exclusively through Quarter Horse Outfitters!

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Each installment includes a book and companion DVD.

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“It doesn’t matter if you jump or run barrels, trail ride or show, Fundamentals of Horsemanship equals good communication with your horse. Good hands affect everyone: beginning riders struggle to develop them, advanced riders work hard to fine tune them, and your horses thank you for having them.

One of the best tips on America’s Horse Daily is Good Hands, taken from AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship series. My horses and I were glad to have this exercise to work on while we all wished for spring!

Good Hands applies to every rider who picks up the reins. It teaches you how to develop softness and responsiveness. Also, it gives the invaluable advice that you must develop lateral flexion before working on vertical flexion!

We all want to communicate effectively with our horses. In Fundamentals of Horsemanship, the objectives are clear and the videos make the instructions easy to understand. I am thrilled that AQHA has come out with the Fundamentals series to make knowledge readily available. Spring is finally here, my horses and I are communicating better than ever, and we are ready to ride!”

Cat Roberts
Mount Vernon, Iowa

See for yourself the amazing difference Fundamentals of Horsemanship will have for you and your horse. Don’t forget that AQHA members get a special discount! Order today!