Guess That Horse

February 29, 2012

AQHA’s Guess That Horse contest takes place each Wednesday at 1 p.m. CST.

GTH February 29

The American Quarter Horse Hesa Skipa Star, correctly identified by Jessie.

Today’s winner will receive a one-year subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal.

The contest will start at 1 p.m. CST. At that time, the photo and first hint are given.

When the contest is live, 10 hints will be posted, one at a time, every few minutes on this page.

Refresh your browser periodically for new hints.

Please post your guesses into the comments box below.

The first person to correctly identify the full registered name of the American Quarter Horse pictured wins the prize.

Get help with your guesses! Consult AQHA records for pedigrees, show records and much more!

The winner will be announced after all the hints are given; participants must provide a valid e-mail address to to be eligible for the prize.

Congratulations to Jessie for being the first person to correctly identify Hesa Skipa Star in AQHA’s Guess That Horse contest! Be sure to join us next Wednesday at 1 p.m. CST for another round of Guess That Horse!

Hint #1: This American Quarter Horse was born in 1977 in Los Altos, California.

Hint #2: This Quarter Horse earned 30.5 halter points.

Hint #3: This Quarter Horse’s last AQHA show was in West Virginia.

Hint #4: This Quarter Horse was a sorrel stallion.

Hint #5: This Quarter Horse sired 147 foals.

Hint #6: This Quarter Horse’s progeny earned five Registers of Merit.

Hint #7: This Quarter Horse was a descendant of both Doc Bar and Skipper W.

Hint #8: This Quarter Horse was first shown in 1978, which was its only AQHA show that year.

Hint #9: This Quarter Horse’s sire was Skipa Star.

Hint #10: This Quarter Horse was bred by Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Jensen.

Final Hint: This Quarter Horse’s dam was Doc’s Bo Peep.

Horse Recap:

Hesa Skipa Star was a 1977 sorrel stallion by Skipa Star and out of Doc’s Bo Peep. He was bred by Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Jensen in Los Altos, California. He was shown across the country in AQHA halter classes, accumulating 30.5 points. He sired 147 foals that earned five Registers of Merit.