Guess That Horse

May 25, 2011

AQHA’s Guess That Horse contest, sponsored by The American Quarter Horse Journal, is over. Be sure to join us next Wednesday at 1 p.m. CDT for another round of Guess That Horse!

Guess That Horse contest

Who could this American Quarter Horse be

Welcome to Guess That Horse. Today’s winner receives a “Cross Country with Curt Pate” DVD, courtesy of The American Quarter Horse Journal.

When the contest is live, eleven hints will be posted, one at a time, every few minutes on this page. Refresh your browser periodically for new hints. Please post your guesses into the “comments” box below. The first person to correctly identify the American Quarter Horse wins the prize.

The winner will be announced after all the hints are given; participants must provide a valid e-mail address to to be eligible for the prize.

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Good luck! We’re excited to read your guesses.

Contest is Closed

Hint #1: This Quarter Horse’s foals had a total of 332.5 open performance points.

Hint #2: The sire of this Quarter Horse had 135 halter points and 15 cutting points.

Hint #3: This Quarter Horse was bred in Amarillo, TX.

Hint #4: This Quarter Horse had 2 full siblings.

Hint #5: This Quarter Horse was a brown mare.

Hint #6: Of the two open halter classes that this mare entered, she won both of them.

Hint #7: This Quarter Horse had 27 western pleasure points.

Hint #8: The maternal grandsire of this Quarter Horse had 97 halter points.

Hint #9: The foals of this Quarter Horse’s sire won almost $14,800 in NCHA earnings.

Hint #10: In 1981, this Quarter Horse’s full sister received a superior in western pleasure.

Final Hint: This mare is a granddaughter of Poco Bueno.

Congratulations to Eileen for correctly identifying Pines Plaudit! Enjoy your new “Cross Country with Curt Pate” DVD, courtesy of the Journal.