Guide to Buying a Horse

Make your dream of owning a horse a reality.

Horse ownership can be a rewarding experience, one enjoyed by persons of all ages through a wide variety of activities, including shows, rodeos, races and recreational rides.

The experience begins, naturally, with the purchase of your first horse. It’s an important step, one which must be made with equal amounts of education and dedication. Your first purchase often sets the tone for your lifetime of horseback experiences.

AQHA offers a FREE Guide to Buying a Horse report with valuable tips and information to guide you through the process.

Learn where to find the type of horse you’re looking for, plus get tips on specific traits to look for in a perspective horse. You’ll better understand the horse evaluation process, including conformation, soundness and disposition. Also, learn what to expect during a pre-purchase exam. Then, AQHA guides you through the transfer of ownership process and steers you toward a variety of ways to enjoy your new horse.

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Become a better horseman – AQHA guides you!

AQHA holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who appreciate a reliable equine partner, whether we’re in the arena or riding down the trail. AQHA wants everyone associated with the horse to enjoy their horse experience to the fullest. The more we understand how to work with our horses, the more pleasure they bring. AQHA and La Cense Montana have partnered to bring you AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship in an effort to help you get the most out of your horse experience. The curriculum is easy to understand and fun to put into practice as a way to improve your horsemanship skills. The end result is a true partnership between you and your horse!

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