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73 thoughts on “Guide to Registering a Quarter Horse”

  1. I have purchased a palamino mare, 6 yrs old and she has papers but Im not sure how to track them. could you give me some ideas on direction? the former owner had her as a two year old but didnt get papers.

  2. I have a breeding stock registered APHA grulla mare that I am planning on breeding this spring to a AQHA and NFQHA registered stallion. My question is will I be able to register the baby AQHA & APHA or just APHA?

  3. I just bought a 3 year old registered filly. On her papers she’s listed as a bay. She currently has the markings of a dun (dorsal stripe, leg barring, and some greyish areas on the legs). Do I need to note those changes on the transfer report, and send several photos?

  4. Kelly,

    Thank you for your e-mail and yes I would include photos along with the transfer and ask for them to be reviewed.

    Debbie Black or Lisa Covey
    Equine Color Specialist

  5. Hi,
    I just bought a mare that is a quarter horse, but i have no idea who her parents are. Am i allowed to register her or not?

  6. Hannah, your best bet is to start by calling AQHA Customer Service and telling them everything you know about the horse. She might already be registered, and you’ll just need to get her transferred into your name. Give us a call! 806-376-4811. Thanks for your question!

    Jody Reynolds
    AQHA Dir. Online/Interactive Communications

  7. Hi, I am about to buy a solid paint bred 4 year old mare bred out of Colonelsmokinggun AQHA/APHA stud and a solid paint bred dam out of smart little lena and another solid paint bred mare who herself was bred out of 2 registered quarter horses. Could this 4 year old be dual register AQHA/APHA considering the fact the 2 parents of her grand mother are AQHA horses? It seems very strange that a solid sorrel horse that was born out of 2 aqha horses was registered as a solid paint bred to start with, because of this all her foals, even if they don’t present any white markings and their sire is AQHA, have to be registered with the APHA. Is it possible that this horse has already dual registration? (all I have is the APHA certificate of registration)
    Thank you for your help in this matter.

  8. I have a seal bay (brown under black, black points, agoutti gene)1!out of dam:Blackwell Cat Chex and sire:Settle it on Sunday. I bought her from a veterinarian who owned the dam. He gave me papers to register her as half Quarter Horse because a dispute between him and the stallion owner so they would not release the sires side to register her AQHA. What can I do to get these so I can register her AQHA? (I’m breeding with an AQHA stud and really would like to register the foal.)

  9. Crystal,

    Thank you for your e-mail and to answer your question, you can send the information the mare owner gave you and we can request the signature from the stallion owner. If he doesn’t sign then this is consider a civil matter. If we are unable to register the horse we will refund your money. I hope this will help you.

    Lisa Covey
    Equine Color Specialist

  10. We just bought a reg qh mare in foal we got the mares papers and the breeding certificate for the foal but its in the old owners name how do we get this little foal in are name

  11. I have a 1/2 QH mare that will be foaling here soon. The sire was a 100% QH… Would I be able to register the foal as a grade QH?

  12. I need help, I’m trying to register my horse online (older than 48 months). I cannot contact the stallion owner to get the exposure dates (not sure if she moved or?) and it also will not let me select the dam (says only the owner/leesee/agent can). The dam is now deceased (passed away when foaling her last filly)and I still need the stallion owners signature as you informed me you can do this when I send in my info. I want to register her this year as you have the 300 + 40$ parental verification test and she is foal for a 2013 foal. What can I do to fix this? Please help!

  13. I have a 10 year old mare that I got when I was 18 and didn’t have the money to register her I want to now but all I have is a copy of her sire’s papers and a copy of her dams papers can I register her with that can’t get oh old of any of the owners

  14. I have an AQHA registered horse that I show in reining and halter at AQHA affiliate shows. I was wondering if I could enter my mare into an incentive fund so that the points I earn can earn money. I am a youth member and plan to show at Congress this year and a regional show. I also wasn’t sure if this was an option for a youth.

  15. Can youth members sign up for the incentive fund? I have a mare that is already registered, but I was wondering if youth can apply a horse to an incentive fund.

  16. We recently bought a registered gray paint gelding.
    Is the process for transferring ownership the same for APHA as for AQHA? How much does it cost?

    We got his original registration paperwork with him.

  17. I have a solid apha registered mare. Her dam is registered apha. Her sire is aqha. Can i get her dual regustered aqha as well?

  18. When AQHA is not an option due to color, unaffordable rates, lack of registration for one parent, etc: go to the American Half Quarter Horse Registry!– ph. 254.592.7827

  19. I am trying to figure out how to get my mare’s AQHA papers. Her sire R Big Time Fancy has his AQHA papers. However her dam does not, that I know of. The dams sire is by AQHA Time To Strut and the dams dam is Mandi Lynn (registered as a breeding stock APHA) However Mandi Lynn is by AQHA Man In Command and out of AQHA Okie Blue Velvet, so clearly is an AQHA. In addition Mandi Lynn has a full sister THAT IS REGISTERED AQHA under the name Really In Command (1980). Mandi Lynn is a 1976 model. I know these are some old horses, but is there any chance of getting this done without creating a new national debt and needing an act of god. Thank you

  20. About a year ago my grandma gave me one of her horses as a gift. I know she planned on transferring the mare to my name and only being a co-owner of my mare, but I’m unsure if she ever did. I know the mare was registered when she was a yearling and I have her original pedigree papers. I even searched her online and found her, but it didn’t state who the owner was. I registered for the AQHYA membership since it said you could transfer a horse your parents bought to your name. Any way to find out if my grandma ever did that, and if not, do that myself?

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