Happy 2014!

As we ring in another new year, let’s look back at the top stories of 2013.

As we ring in another new year, let’s look back at the top stories of 2013 on America’s Horse Daily.

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Happy New Year from America’s Horse Daily!

America’s Horse Daily wishes you, your family and — of course — your horses a happy new year filled with countless horse adventures.

As we reflect on 2013, let’s glance back at some of the most-visited posts.

  1. Grass Founder — We learned that fresh, lush grazing pasture can come with its own hazards, including founder and laminitis.
  2. Horse Color and Markings Chart — We learned the 17 AQHA-recognized colors and markings through descriptions and pictures.
  3. Texas Fun Facts — We shed Texas’ gunslinger and 10-gallon hat stereotype and picked up some fun facts about the state.
  4. What Is Colic? — We learned expert advice from Dr. Thomas Lenz on signs and treatments of colic.
  5. The Spur Stop — We learned the benefits of the spur stop and the training secrets behind it.
  6. Horse Color Genetics — We dove into the science of coat-color genetics and discovered the possibilities each future foal possesses.
  7. EPM Symptoms in Horses — We learned how to recognize and combat the condition, Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, with helpful advice on signs and symptoms.
  8. Extension At All Gaits — We learned how the standard is changing for western pleasure classes and what the lengthened stride means to showmen.
  9. Appendix vs. Quarter Horses — We learned the registration protocol and differences between an appendix horse and a purebred American Quarter Horse.
  10. Horse Training for Lead Changes — We learned how to train our horses for one of the most difficult maneuvers to master – the flying lead change.
  11. Foal Growth — We learned the special care and nutrition requirements for young horses.
  12. Sarcoids in Horses — We learned what sarcoids are and how to treat these skin tumors.
  13. How to Make a Rope Halter — We learned how to create a homemade knotted rope halter for our horses.
  14. Wrap It Right — We learned how to correctly wrap polo wraps for tendon and ligament report.
  15. Pace Horse to Lead Car Races — We learned about a new partnership between the American Quarter Horse Association and stock car racing, wink, wink.

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