Happy Mother’s Day!

AQHA recognizes the importance of mothers everywhere, especially in the Quarter Horse Industry.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, May 8, let’s honor some prolific mares of our industry.

Take our broodmare quiz, and find out if you’re a broodmare expert! Casey Hardy Photography.
Take our broodmare quiz, and find out if you’re a broodmare expert! Casey Hardy Photography.

Most people can agree that great mothers leave an impression that will last a lifetime and that a mother’s words of wisdom will forever play a role in your conscience. The same can be said for the broodmares in the Quarter Horse industry.

We’re thankful to broodmares for creating the great breed of horses that we know today, passing on their disposition, athletic ability and talent to their offspring.

As rancher Jim Hunt has said, “A lot of old-timers, the horse breeders with wisdom, they’ll say that a mare is 75 percent of what you get as far as the offspring.”

Credit should be given where credit is due, and all American Quarter Horse broodmares deserve proper recognition.

In honor of Mother’s Day and all the fantastic broodmares of the past and present, we created a short quiz to test your knowledge of famous broodmares! Test yourself and see if you know all about the influential broodmares of AQHA, or if you should spend a little more time reading up on bloodlines.

We know you’re dedicated to taking care of those special mamas in your barn. AQHA’s Mare Care: Breeding Tips free report will guide you through the processes of preparing your mare, targeting a breeding date, ordering semen, inducing a follicle to ovulate, receiving and evaluating semen and much more.

Good Luck! (Scroll to the bottom for the answers.)

Broodmare Quiz

  1. This mare is the dam of Shiners Lena Doc, A Shiner Named Sioux and Shiney Sushi. A Shiner Named Sioux was AQHA’s 2011 junior working cow horse world champion and 2010 junior reining world champion. Shiney Sushi was the 2012 National Reined Cow Horse Association open bridle world champion.
  2. This mare holds the No. 8 spot on the National Reining Horse Association dams

    list. Some of her successful offspring include Whizkey N Diamonds and Cromed Out Mercedes

  3. This mare has proven herself in the show ring and breeding barn. She is an AQHA Superhorse and the dam of Nic It In The Bud, Dun It Big and Lights R Red, just to name a few.
  4. This mystery dam holds the No. 4 spot on the National Cutting Horse Association dams list. She is the dam of Dual Smart Rey, WR This Cats Smart, One Smart Lookin Cat and Smart Lookin Hi Brow.
  5. This mare holds the coveted No. 1 spot on the NRCHA dams list. She is

    the dam of Smart Time Tuck, Tuckers Smart Cat, Lil Time To Smoke, She Smokes Smart and Smart Tucker Smoke.

How did you fare?

1-2 correct: Maybe you should consider checking out the records section on AQHA.com or catching up with the latest American Quarter Horse Journal.
3-4 correct: Good job! You know enough to recognize some of the most influential broodmares of today.
All 5 correct: You are a complete whiz! It’s evident that you recognize the importance of these outstanding mothers in the Quarter Horse industry.






  1. Docs Sulena
  2. Princess In Diamonds
  3. Genuine Redbud
  4. The Smart Look
  5. Smoke Time Tuck

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. OK – this quiz is lopsided. All the horses are cow-related bloodlines. While I am more up to date on the top side of the bloodlines, my interest is in the All Around pen – not cows. There are some of us who still prefer the horses used exclusively for showing rather than taking on the expense of maintaining cattle to go to weekend shows. Having the individual horse is expensive enough. So – lets get off all the cow bloodlines and take into consideration the pleasure lines. The Quarter Horse is an ALL AROUND animal – not exclusive to working or pushing cows.

  2. I show on the weekends and work on a ranch all week, so my horses are my work and play! I loved the vie focus! Genuine Redbud is one of my all time favorite horses!!

  3. Well said, mothers make a life time impression and we’re grateful to have been raised by some of the best! No doubt a mare will heavily influence her offspring with her equine social skills, attitude, and demeanor.

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