Happy New Year

Take a look back at the top stories of 2014 on America’s Horse Daily.

As we ring in another new year, let’s look back at the top-15 stories of 2014 on America’s Horse Daily.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year from America’s Horse Daily!

Happy New Year from America’s Horse Daily!

America’s Horse Daily wishes you, your family and — of course — your American Quarter Horses a happy new year filled with countless wonderful horse adventures.

As we reflect on 2014, let’s glance back at some of the most-visited posts:

  1. Grass Founder: Dr. Tom Lenz taught us how to prevent laminitis in our horses.
  2. What is Colic: Recognize the symptoms of colic and what you can do to help your  horse.
  3. EPM Symptoms in Horses: Know the three “As” of EPM symptoms: asymmetrical ataxia with or without muscle atrophy.
  4. Horse Training for Lead Changes: Performing a good lead change is about being prepared and staying balanced.
  5. Tips for Correct Tack Fit: Improper tack fit might be the source of your horse-training problems.
  6. Horse Color and Markings Chart: This chart is a great resource for keeping track of the 17 recognized Quarter Horse colors as well as markings.
  7. The Quinella: In horse racing, the quinella is one way to have twice as much fun at the racetrack.
  8. Foal Growth: Special care and nutrition are required for your young horse.
  9. Naming Your AQHA Foal: Learn the options and rules for choosing your American Quarter Horse’s registered name.
  10. Appendix Vs. Quarter Horse: AQHA Customer Service explains the difference between AQHA Appendix and Quarter Horse registries.
  11. Hock Problems: A hock problem doesn’t mean the end of your horse’s career.
  12. Basic Riding Positions: Become a more-effective rider by perfecting a proper horseback-riding position.
  13. Maintaining Your Horse’s Topline: Use these exercises to strengthen and lengthen your horse’s topline to help him achieve self-carriage.
  14. How to Make a Rope Halter: Experts show you how to make your own rope halter in 34 steps.
  15. Wrap it Right: Our friends at AAEP offer guidelines for safely wrapping your horses’ legs.

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