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AQHA wants to know what you feed your horse!

AQHA wants to know what you feed your horse!

What's in your horse's feed bucket?

To better understand the needs of AQHA members and their American Quarter Horses, AQHA wants to get to know you better.

Please take a minute to answer this quick question. We appreciate your feedback!

93 thoughts on “Horse Feed Poll”

  1. We feed our show horses alfalfa, grass hay, and Nutrena Safe Choice with oats and supplements. They are looking great and have the energy that they need during shows.

  2. Horsemen’s Edge 12% pellet mostly; but Equine Senior to 25 yo mare; and Racehorse to barrel mares (also a Purina feed).

  3. I feed Nutrena Safechoice and the Life Design series depending on ages of the horses. I use Nutrena Empower on older or harder keepers and absolutely love that….

  4. We have a wonderful community mill here in Hendersonville, NC that we have been buying our feed from for twenty years or more,it’s made fresh every day and our horses will snub anything else we try to give them,so it must be really good. It really makes our foals grow!

  5. I have fed Blue Seal or Triple Crown feeds since I first started with horses over 40 years ago. Our feed store is wonderful. They will help me decide what would be best for the particular horse. Love Blue Seal feeds and our local dealer.

  6. we feed sweet feed mixed w/ oats and equi-pride as a supplement. Get comments all the time on horses and they . have better muscle tone

  7. I live in South East Queensland in Australia, I have been Breeding and showing Quarters horses and other breeds for over 30 years. I have gone back to the basics of Feeding and feed mostly unprocessed feeds. We use Lucern Hay and Chaff and Pollard made from wheat. or Riverena Horse and pony pellets which have mostly pollard (wheat) molasas and sorgam in it. We have found a feed called Copera Meal is fantastic for brood mares, foals and weanling as it is verry high in protin excelent for condtioning and growth. it is made from a by-product of coconut.

  8. We feed both our training & show horses and our idle horses the same feed….different amounts. We feed low starch Cool Command by Front Runner. I used to feed Show by Kent, but it got pretty pricey in my area. Since feeding the Cool Command, the coats have improved and I have notice the attitude of a couple of horses have change…they are much calmer and sweeter. We also feed our active horses a good quality alfalfa hay, 3 times a day with one small flake of good grass hay during the last visit to the barn at night. The inactive horses are feed grass hay 3 times a day with the last feeding being alfalfa. I think the alfalfa is important!

  9. I feed an alfalfa/grass mix hay and Strategy Healthy Edge. All my girls range in ages 2 to 14 years. They are used for showing, riding and breeding. Strategy fits my program well.

  10. We feed Newell mix from our local co-op it is a specialty mix with everything you need in it. Our horses really do well on this.

  11. We feed Poulin Grain,we did feed Blue Seal for 30 years. it was a hard switch but we found that we liked the Poulin better and the horse did a lot better on it

  12. I feed all my QH’s Co-Op Champions Choice 12% pellet, with Co-Op All Grain mix… It works great for what I need!

  13. I’ve always loved Purina Strategy. Great nutrition!! In this grain, at least I don’t have to worry about corn or oats getting caught in their throat. I believe this grain is great for putting weight on and keeping it on

  14. Switched my horses to Oats and an Oregon Supplement called “Pounds”… Works AWESOME for putting on weight, shining up the coat, preventing colic and “tying up” and even regulating the digestive track. makes sense since it help with colic. I am the newest “Pounds” dealer and my 23yr old ex-race horse/retired barrel horse is doing phenomenal on it!

  15. I feed Purina Equine Senior. With my mares Smartpak which includes, Farrier’s Formula Double Strength, SmartFlex Senior and CW, my mare has never been in better condition! Thanks to Purina and Smartpak for all you’ve done for us!!

  16. We feed Safe and Sound. That is all I will ever feed my horses since it is the one that you don’t hav to worry about causing colic. I am even feeding it to my goats. My dogs and cats have even gotten into it and it hasn’t hurt them at all. I have been a vet assistant for almost 20 years and the vet that I worked for even switched to safe and sound not only at his home but at his practice. I have a 30 year old QH and he is doing great on it.

  17. I feed Nutrena SAFE CHOICE after my horse coliced 2x in a month. He’s been doing great since. Another horse got loose in the barn and got into my feed and ate at least 25lbs of my SAFE CHOICE and never coliced!

  18. My horses are out to pasture and morning and night get fed a little bit of good quality hay. And occassionally they get some oats.

  19. I’m currently feeding Purina Strategy as my usual feed, LMF Showtime is not available in the South and we just moved. Beyond that, my horse is on pasture.

  20. I feed mine Purina Strategy and Omelene 100. My yearling gets Equine Junior. All of my horses are thriving!

  21. Horsemans Edge 12% pellets and 1 cup of Amplify supplement. And a flake of of alfalfa in the evening.

  22. We have everyone out on 60+ acres of mixed grass pasture. They get mixed grass, with some clover mixed in hay. Also they get some Treefoil/grass mix hay. No grain except to my one TB who gets some beetpulp and #5 rolled oats. Don’t feed alfalfa as i’m allergic to it and have had more than a couple horses that it was like feeding them rocket fuel.

  23. AQHA mare,Cupid’s Bar Three get Purina Horseman’s Edge 14%, steamed rolled oats, costal and alfalfa hay. Also add Platinum Performance. Good, quality feed equals pay windows and buckles! Purina is our choice of quality feed.

  24. I feed rolled oats and Buckeye Gro&Win with grass hay makes up the majority of what the herd is fed .. some get additional supplements of cocosoya oil from Ukleles …

  25. We feed free choice timothy hay with Alfalfa as needed and Natural Glo – that’s it! We’ve tried EVERYTHING out there on the market and our horses all do well on a simple diet without a lot of fancy stuff. We do feed certin perfeomance horses joint supplements if they are really working and showing hard. We still find that proper warm-up, leg protection, and preventive maintence is really the key.

  26. I feed oats, hay and pasture. My horses are healthy, they have shiny coats and lots of energy. Most of my horses are over 20 years old.

  27. We feed Teff grass hay, and Ranchway Sound Starch – a low starch with quality fat concentrate for performance horses. All 3 of ours have shiny coats and great health. Unlimited energy, but not hot or hyper.

  28. I feed my 11 year old mare Lena Nutrina Safe Choice and alfalfa hay and pasture grass. She is one happy & spoiled Lady. She is also a “Parelli” Girl.

  29. All 5 of our horses are on Nutrena and coastal grass pasture. 3 on SafeChoice, 1 on Life Design Complete and 1 is on Life Design Senior. We started all on SafeChoice but our 20+ gelding was not putting the weight on like he needed so we changed him over to Senior and that did the trick. The other one would not eat her full ration. So we tried complete for her and that did the trick. All are fat and happy. I believe in Nutrena feeds completely.

  30. We have pleasure horses, HUS horses,reiner,2yr old and POA’s and they all get nutrena triump 12%

  31. I feed my Paint Blue Seal Serenity it’s high fat and an extruded pellet. I can feed less amounts Equine Sr was too much grain. I like it because it can be fed to any age horse. My Arab gets vitamin pellets no grain and my QH i’m not sure what grain he is on the barn supplies his grain. I like oats and DAC vitamins and supplements for my QH it is a hassle mixing his feed for the week.

  32. I have a 10y.o. paint gelding and an 8y.o AQHA gelding. Both are used for barrel racing. Gone from Strategy to Kent Dynasty and back to Strategy. Mainly because of price. They each get 2 flakes alfalfa/timothy mix twice a day and about 1.5 lbs Strategy.
    I have no complaints, but both are such easy keepers. Been considering switch to Nutrena Safe Choice.

  33. Use Purina’s Horsemen’s Edge 12, and the horses are GORGEOUS! I have 2 3year olds, one 7 year old, an 8 and 9 year old. and they are healthy and fat. They do not need any supplements when on this. Also I reccommend using Bugg Off Garlic, no more mosquitos, flys, ticks or horseflies :]

  34. i am wondering if its ok to feed a senoir/adult feed to my 11yr old palomino paint gelding….I have two other horses who are adults and love the feed

  35. i also feed my 3 horses 1lb of integrity in the morning then we let them out at pasture until 7pm then they get 1lb integrity and 1-2flakes of hay

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