Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings

Speed ratings give another number to compare speed at the horse race track.

Speed ratings give another number to compare speed at the horse race track.

How fast is fast? How do you compare different horses at different tracks running different distances? Find out the newest technology in determining the most-accurate speed ratings in this FREE report from The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal’s library, Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings.

The newest techniques, research and calculations that determine the newest TrackMaster Speed ratings are all explained and laid out clearly for you to understand. The next time you go to the track to place a bet or are looking for that speedy stallion for your mare, you will have another rating to help you make the best, educated decision.

How is this superior to the Speed Index system already in place?

AQHA Executive Director of Racing, Trey Buck, has this to say:

“The TrackMaster speed rating is based on formulas and thousands of pieces of data for a more reliable number,” Trey says. “Fans, breeders and buyers can be assured that the numbers they see for a horse are more accurate (than the speed index) and a better representation of that horse.”

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Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings, walks you through the history of trying to judge just how fast is fast. Starting with the original letter grade system that was replaced with today’s speed index system in 1970. It also explains how the current Speed Index system works, then goes in depth on how this new speed rating from TrackMaster, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equibase Company LLC, is calculated. TrackMaster’s Quarter Horse speed ratings are broken down into three different components:

  • Raw speed rating
  • Intertrack Variant (ITV)
  • Daily Track Variant (DTV)

Get ahead of the competition and download your FREE copy of Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings to further explore these elements of the new, accurate speed rating, so you won’t be stumped when you go to the race track. Learn about the careful calculations that configure these different factors and how they are compiled for a final speed rating.

In Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings, see what TrackMaster is doing to continually make its ratings the most accurate with product enhancements such as including a wind factor, especially accommodating for the direction and speed of the wind, into their ratings.

“For Quarter Horses in particular, we’ve conducted a detailed study on the effects of wind on the speed ratings,” says TrackMaster President David Siegal.

Download the Racing Journal’s FREE Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings report to see how the new technologies are running away from the competition by producing the most-accurate and up-to-date speed rating system that can be used across any track and at any distance. Don’t be left in the dust.

2 thoughts on “Horse Race Tip: Speed Ratings”

  1. I have a stallion I want to get speed indexed. He is going to start his barrel career in 2015. As a breeder of barrel horses a speed index goes a long way. Can I get his speed index without racing him? And if so, how would I go about doing so. I just have no desire nor the money to race him.

  2. Hi, Windy. There is no way to get a speed index on a horse without racing him. We hope that information helps. Good luck with your horse.

    Jody Reynolds

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