Ask an Expert

How to Haul a Weanling

February 27, 2012

Learn how to safely haul your weanling.


I’ve been reading the “Futurity Foals” series in The American Quarter Horse Journal, and it has got me thinking that it might be fun to show a weanling. But I was wondering, how do you haul a weanling? Shouldn’t you worry about them slipping under dividers?


Years ago, we used to haul our weanlings to shows with their heads tied, and when we arrived, the baby was stressed out and sick. When a weanling arrives at a show stressed, he’s not going to show as well, and he can become sick and die. Hauling tied is enough stress on grown horses. Babies don’t need it.

If your trailer doesn’t have specific compartments, see whether you can remove some dividers to give your weanling more room.

The next thing we do is attach a big piece of plywood across the rubber mat at the lower edge of the divider so that the weanling won’t slide through. If they lay down and get their legs under the rubber mat, they can end up in the next stall. We get the wood at the lumber yard, cut to the width of the trailer, and then we trim it at home if we need to.

–AQHA Professional Horseman Jack Brizendine

Learn more about safely hauling a weanling or foal in “Safe Travels With Baby” on Page 133  in the January 2012 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal.