How To Register an Older Horse

AQHA maintains low registration fees for older horses. Find out how easy it is to get a set of papers for everyone in your pasture.

AQHA makes it affordable to register your older American Quarter Horses. Find out how easy it is to get a set of papers for everyone in your pasture.

No matter your Quarter Horse’s age, AQHA strives to make the registration process easy. Share this post on Facebook!

AQHA makes an attempt to encourage early foal registration by setting weanling fees low. If you have a horse that is aged and unregistered, it can seem like quite a feat, financially and otherwise, to file the paperwork. But AQHA’s older-horse registration fees are meant to lighten your load. In the past, AQHA members paid $550 for a 36-month-old horse and $1,000 for horses that were 48 months old or older. You now only pay $400 for horses 36 months old and $500 for horses 4 years old and older. (Note: A $5 fee is added to all registrations not completed online.)

AQHA Horse Registration Fees

  • Weanlings = $30
  • Late Weanlings = $60
  • Yearlings = $150
  • 2 Year Olds = $300
  • 3 Year Olds = $400
  • 4 Year Olds and Older = $500

Because the registration process is the same at any age, the first step is to get a registration application. You will complete the application the same way you do for a weanling. The only problem we see people encounter is locating the breeders for the appropriate signature and, in some instances, DNA.

AQHA Customer Service is available via phone and e-mail to conduct any necessary research for you. If you are not the breeder of the foal you are trying to register, AQHA can locate the sire and dam and get the appropriate names and addresses for you. If you are missing a signature or other pertinent information, submit your application anyway, and AQHA will attempt to contact the appropriate people for you to acquire the necessary information. AQHA locks in registration fees from the time the application is received, so no matter what is missing, your fees will not increase while AQHA processes your work or waits for answers to correspondence.

You need to be an AQHA member to register your Quarter Horse. AQHA membership comes with hundreds of dollars in savings each year, plus America’s Horse magazine (digital only for international members), free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more. Join AQHA or renew your membership today!

Another hindrance with older horses can be the necessity of parentage verification. AQHA has required breeding stallions to be DNA typed for quite some time, but the requirement for a mare to be DNA typed was age and year specific. In some cases, it is not possible to get a DNA type from one of the horse’s parents. AQHA can sometimes achieve this by building a DNA type through grandparents and other offspring. This is never a definite, and is handled on a case-by-case basis. AQHA charges an extra $100 fee that is non-refundable for horses whose paperwork requires in-depth research and manpower.

Remember, as long as both the sire and dam are registered with AQHA (or if the horse is eligible for Appendix papers), you have a starting point.

Contact Customer Service with any questions!

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  1. I have a quarter horse mare. Im wanting to do a dna test so I can get her registed. What can be done if the breeder wont sign the appropriate paper work.

  2. I bought a unregistered Mare back in 05 I think. Her old owners told me they had the information to get her registered but wanted to sell them to me. At the time I didnt have the money, and now I’m trying to get her registered because she has winning gaming times and I plan on having her bred in the spring. I’m trying to contact her old owners for her parents information but they’ve been ignoring me. I had a DNA / Parent Identification done on her, but have no clue how to read it and they didn’t include any parent information (which I thought I was getting) Is there anyway to get her parent information without going through there owners?? My horses mom died shortly after giving birth to her, but her dad is still alive.. I’ve seen him on facebook but there still ignoring me. Please help me!!!

  3. I just bought a 3-year unregistered gelding, both parents are AQHA registered and both horses have been DNA tested. Is it possible to get papers on him?

  4. hello,
    I have a 8 year old bucksin mare folaed on april 10, 2004. I have some info on both sire and dam. I have a registration application and have some of it filled out. I am not a member of aqha though. Do I have to be a member to register her? Also, I only know her sire and dams names, no further information on them, will aqha know the rest of there background or not? I also do not have a picture of her as a weanling, is this a problem? thank you!

  5. Is this special to register my AQHA horse still available? BOth parents are registered, i just never filed the papers. My gelding is currently 8 and I would like to register him if affordable.
    Thank you for your time

  6. Are you able to extend the older horse registration for a few more months? My husband has cancer and was in treatment in the hospital and I did not have a chance to get this completed by the deadline. I am interested in registering an older horse if it is affordable but with with cancer treatments it is draining me financially.

  7. I have a seven year old mare that was given to me when she was two. She is unregistered because her grandmother was not registered making her mother unregistered. Her father is registered and I believe it is with AQHA. I was given a list of names of her family on both sides. Is it in any way possible to register her?

  8. hello i am wondering how i go about registering 2 horses that are unregistered and have no idea bout their pedigrees i rescued them the lady who had them didnt have any information on them at all what do you sugest i do to start this process.

  9. Ok Here is my issue I have a 6 year old bay roan mare that I purchased. I was told by the previous owner she mother was registered and they had a breeders certificate but it was lost in a house fire. I am not sure of her dam’s or sire’s name I was wondering if DNA would help with getting her registered I am willing to pay for all that is needed she is a outstanding mare and is doing great in training and I have high hopes for her and would like to someday breed her but I am a firm believer in not breeding unregistered horses…. Is it possible to get her registered…..

  10. We bought a filly at Christmas time, the original owners/breeders got rid of her due to health reasons. I plan to have her DNA tested and if possible would like to register her. Will I be able to register my filly even if AQHA is unable to contact the breeders due to their passing?

  11. I purchased an 8 year old quarter horse gelding in July. Owners state papers were lost and they do not have / remember any info from papers to help me with getting a replacement. At this time 2013 can DNA / parentage be determined via a sample from my gelding? Has the special pricing for reg. an older horse been extended to Dec. 31 2013? If not please update this site.

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