How To Register Your AQHA Foal

Use these tips to make your foal a part of the world’s largest breed registry.

Use these tips to make your foal a part of the world’s largest breed registry.

Register Your AQHA Foal
When it’s time to register your foal, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as “Does my foal need to be parentage verified?” (Journal photo)

Everyone loves American Quarter Horse babies.

But it takes a lot more than a sire and dam to get a foal registration in the works. One of our most frequently asked questions by AQHA members is, ‘How do I register my foal?’

Every year, AQHA mails out a pre-printed registration application (also called a breeder’s certificate) to every stallion owner who files a stallion breeding report. This application will contain pertinent information such as the sire and dam’s information, mare and stallion owner’s name and address and the breeding dates. It’s up to you, the proud owner of a new foal, to fill in the rest.

But what if you don’t have your pre-printed application? AQHA has a blank registration application available for download. This is the same form, but you have to fill in all the information that would come ready for you in the pre-printed version.

Now you need to ask yourself a few questions:

Once you have all of these basic things covered, you can ship it off to AQHA with the peace of mind that it will probably go off without a hitch!

You need to be an AQHA member to register your foal. AQHA membership comes with hundreds of dollars in savings each year, plus the America’s Horse magazine, free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more. Join AQHA or renew your membership today!

If an AQHA foal registration isn’t something you do every day, it can get a little confusing. And there are a lot of scenarios that can come into play when registering your foal. Not all registrations are the same, and depending on several factors, there are some additional things you may need to do.

AQHA Customer Service is available via phone and email to conduct any necessary research for you. If you’re missing a signature or other pertinent information, submit your application anyway, and AQHA will attempt to contact the appropriate people for you to acquire the necessary information.

Read up on AQHA registration rules in the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.

Online Registration

If you’re interested in cheaper fees and quicker processing – here is a quick list of the information you will need to register your foal online. Make sure you have created an account and have linked your membership # and AQHA PIN. Click on Registration in member services to begin!

  • Link your membership as the owner of the dam at time of foaling or owner of the foal at time of breeding if this is an embryo foal.
  • Date foaled
  • Breeding method, including embryo transfer date & number, if applicable
  • You can still register a foal without a stallion breeding report filed, simply click on create new breeding report to enter the dates your mare was bred.
  • Dam’s name and/or registration number and the name and/or registration of the stallion she was bred to
  • Five photos will be required for online registration. You can also scan the markings diagram if photos aren’t feasible for any reason
  • Foal name choices. Learn how to research name choices
  • Signed Breeder’s Certificate from the stallion owner, unless the stallion owner released the breeding online
  • For transfers included with online registration: date of sale and buyer’s information (name, AQHA ID number, address, phone number and email address)

Once all the information is entered, add it to your shopping cart and enter your payment method to process the registration.

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  1. Hello, I am currently looking at buying a AQHA stud age 3, but the owner did not register him as a baby, she informs me that he is purebred and I would like to use him as a stallion for breeding. Is there any way that I can aquire papers on him now, either by DNA or some other means? Please let me know, thanks.

  2. i purchased a dun mare in 2009. She is a 2008 foal out of One Genuine Dun and Eyes on Dixiana. She is coming up on 4 years old and id like to register her before the fee doubles. I notice on allbreedpedigree there are 2 mares listed for 2008 progeny of One Genuine Dun x Eyes on Dixiana #3075747. Is there anyway to know if my mare is already registered? If so, how would I acquire her papers? Thanks. Emily

  3. Hi,
    I am looking at purchasing a coming 2 yr old filly (will turn 2 this April). The current owner doesn’t have papers for this filly but informs me that her sire and dam are both registered. The sire is appendix and the mare is aqha. The problem with the filly not being registered is due to the fact that the original breeder of this filly at first leased the stallion and then after 4 breedings she bought him. The papers were never transferred into the new owners name by the seller. So at the time when the filly would have been eligible for registration as a foal, the dams papers were in order but the sires were not! The sire is “LNL too lucky” he is 3/4 tb and a 1/4 quarter horse, as I say he is registered appendix apparently. The mare is “Bar sn Lady Dash”, aqha. The current owner of this filly has emailed me a visual copy of your application for registration of foal forms but she said they never were able to get anywhere due to the sires issues with the papers not transferred. On the application is listed clearly the sire and dams full registered names. It was suggested by a local quarter horse prefermance breeder of reining and cutting horses in my area that I check with you about any possibility of this filly being registered as you have changed some of your rules in this area lately? Do you have any suggestions or can you tell me if this filly can be registered?
    Thanks, Lindsay.

  4. I bought a registered mare over a year ago and have not been able too contact the owner you registered her under their name in AQHA is their anything I can do? I have a filly who was born a month ago by her and I’d like too have both of them registered

  5. Hi Kayla,
    I just purchased a 2 mth old colt, I’d like to register him, however there was not a stud report filled out for the sire. I know the breeder, and both the mare and stud. Both are registered. Will this cause a problem registering him if there was no stud report?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if it was somehow still possible to register the baby if I don’t have papers on the dam

  7. I have a yearling filly, her dam is not registered but the owner says she could be but doesn’t want to pay the expense. The stud is registered with AQHA. I would like to register my filly and am wondering if i am able to do so in another way? like DNA testing? I appreciate any help/info in this matter


  8. i need help.i bought a mare (registered name) is “Just Chex My papers” and i cant get her papers..and supposibly their are a lot of disputes about this mare with AQHA …can anyone HELP ME!

  9. I also would like to be able to learn the answers to most of the questions above, but primarily my situation.
    I have been unable to keep up with my mail due to health reasons. I have applied to register foals but never gotten the papers on all I submitted. Now I have sold some of the mares and the buyers are asking about getting the papers. How am I able to get caught up?

    On one mare, Poco Melody Rose, I sold her in good faith and paid for the DNA to be done by the new owner. I do not know if she ever did it, or if that mare gave her a foal that year. I did NOT guaratee her as bred, but later was told that she was… never hearing more from that owner, I do not know if it was done. I have been unable to contact the new owner.
    Than, again in good faith, I sold the filly out of that mare at a sale in Missoula MT. The buyer parentage verified her, Poco Gypsy Melody, and was told the filly did not come out of that mare. I did not get much money for that filly, and I do not feel I should have to pay a bunch more money, or spend a lot more time on this issue, but I KNOW that filly came out of that mare because I stood there and watched the birth! What do I do now? I’d gladly provide the buyers the name of the purchaser of the dam, but would like to be done with this!!!

    Please let me know! Thank you!

    I would like to know my status on the others I have submitted for registration as well. Is this a way to do that, by email?
    I just found this site on a search.

    Sherilee Lund

  10. i am interested in taking my two mares who are registered, to a nice buckskin stud who is five years old. he is not registered but the owner has his papers of parents, so i was wondering how much it costs to register a 5 year old stud so i can register the colts from my mares.

    Thank you.
    Shane Drake

  11. New foal Registration:
    Does AQHA always require DNA testing on newly reg foals?
    Does AQHA from here on out always put a foal photo on the cert. of reg.?

  12. Hello there, i have a full blooded paint yearling that i was looking into registing but i wanted to know if i can register him in any way without knowing his dam or shire? please and thank you i was looking a way to get around that to get him a registered him anyways as a pinto?

  13. Hello,
    I have a mare that I purchased 4 years ago. She was a rescue. I was told her name was “Coys Fancy Bonanza” (that name doesn’t exist). I was also told; she came from Canada and was purchased at a sale as a 2 year old and her papers were never transferred. The people couldn’t remember the previous owners name. She was put into reining training as a 2 year old and then sold later to a pack outfit where she stayed for 9 years. She is a 1996 (possibly 1997) Sorrel (Chestnut) mare. I have been spending the last 4 years finding horses she is not. Is there a way to do DNA testing to find out who she is? A horse that I thought she was (A Feature Bonanza) was genetic typed (1996 model). I am hoping there is a chance she was too. Do you have any other help for me? I would love to find out who she is. Thanks SO much!

  14. Hello, I recently purchased a 5 mo. old filly at auction. She came with her breeders certificate. what do I do next to get her registered? I am not a member of AQHA. Thanks.

  15. Hi Kayla !!,

    So i have an 8 month old colt, who has not had his registration sent in yet.. Both parents are AQHA. When i recieved the colt the previous owner gave me a registration application that was already filled out. If I wanted to change the names that they have filled in how would I go about doing that ? also what is my next step after I turn that application in with his photos ?
    Thank you for your time 🙂

  16. Heather,

    Please send your registration as is with a statement attached of what you would like the horses name to be. If you are not the Owner at time of foaling (#6 on the registration application)then you will need a signed transfer report from that party in addition to the registration, which is $15. Also, please note there has been a fee increase effective Jan 1, 2013. An 8 month old will cost $60 to register for members and $100 for non members.

    If you have any further questions please contact AQHA at 806-376-4811 Monday-Friday 8-5 CST.

    Priscilla Ramirez
    Secretary to the Senior Director of Mkg and Comm
    American Quarter Horse Association

  17. I purchased two fillys last summer and was told a copy of the dams papers would be mailed to me from the previous owner so i would be able to register them. That never happened and now i cant get ahold of him. With a blood test can they determine who the sire and dam are if the parents are registered? I was told they are blue valentine bred, and i would like to have the proof if it is possible.
    Thank you!!

  18. Hello, I bought a filly at auction from a BREEDER of AQHA horses. I know the name of the breeder, the website, and her sire and dam. This filly is now almost 2. The breeder at auction put a minimum bid to register the horses… None of us paid it. There was about 25-30 babies plus sold. She REFUSES to sign the breeding certificate unless I pay her an extra amout of money. Is this even allowed? She owns sire and dam. I feel that if you need to sell that many babies at the auction and refuse to have them registered you should not be breeding horses! Like I now have a filly that could be registered and have an opportunity as even a brood mare if she ever got injured… All because she wants to make a buck and refuses to sign a piece of paper… This must go against some kind of rules… And if it does not it should!Is there anything I can do??!! Id like this filly registered!!

  19. I have a quarter horse mare ( unregistered) that I’m wanting to breed to a registered aqha stallion would the resulting colt be eligible for registration?
    – yes I know most people discourage breeding unregistered mares however I had this mares other foal for a few years and loved everything about her.

  20. I have a qh colt out of a registered mare and stud. The owner of the stud said he sent the paperwork in that I needed. Do I need any additional information from him? I’ve tried opening the links to view prices my phone won’t let me. How much does it cost to register a foal? Thanks for your time.

  21. Hi i have a buckskin stallion i need to register but do not have a clue who his parents are. Can he be registered with buckskin registry i got him in hopes to start my own line please help!

  22. Hi, my mare just had her foal, the sire is registered, but she is not, I believe the mare’s parents are though. Can I register my foal without having to register the mare if I know her lineage?

  23. Hi there. I have a super nice five year old black QH mare I am trying to have registered. I have her sire and dam’s names (sire: Banjos Lemon Twist, dam: Cajees Ebony Lady). I talked to a very sweet AQHA employee a few weeks ago, she said I will need to begin by verifying my mare’s parentage since there was never a stallion report done for the breeding. Thank God my mare’s dam has DNA on file! I will be ordering the DNA kit to send in her hair samples. Is there anything else I need to know or do for you all? Thank you for your time and God bless!

    Thank you, Brittani

    Btw: I also know her previous owners and they have already given me her foaldate information. Is there anything else that I will need from the Dixon’s (my Marie’s previous owners)?

  24. I have recently bought a 4yr old appendix mare whom is not registered but I would like too. I cannot get ahold of the breeder ans was wondering if there was a different method that I could use to registure my mare without having the dam and sires reg#? Thank you for your time!

  25. I had a friend (not talking to me now) who put time and bread my registered paint mare to his registered quarter horse stud. My mare has been confirmed pregnant. I want to register the baby, but the ‘friend’ will not provide me with the registered name of the stud and says he doesn’t have money to send in paperwork for my soon to be foal (June 2014). How can I get this foal registered when it hits the ground? I know the owners name, address and some other info, but not the registered name of the stud. PLEASE HELP

  26. Hi I am registering filly I bought and she is a bay with stockings do I draw them on the back of her registration papers?Thanks

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