Journal on the Road

How to Send Your Children to College

April 16, 2010

Want to know how to send your children to a great college? Ask Nub and Maureen Morris of Colorado City, Texas, who are sending two daughters to college with equestrian scholarships.

Proud parents Nub and Maureen Morris support their daughters at Varsity Equestrian competitions. Maureen changes from a crimson jacket to a purple sweatshirt depending on which she needs.

On Thursday at the Varsity Equestrian National Championships, Nub and Maureen were there in support of their daughters Kelly, a junior at Texas Christian University, and Robin, an assistant coach at New Mexico State University.

Nub carefully wore a plaid shirt with neither school’s colors on it. Maureen split the difference, wearing a white shirt and then topping it as required to support her daughters.

“I have a crimson jacket and a purple TCU sweatshirt, and I put on whichever I need,” Maureen says.

Kelly rides for the TCU western team, and Robin helps coach New Mexico State’s western program, but competition is not new to either one.

Before trying a college equestrian career, both riders were fiercely involved in the AQHA circuits.  Their parents are happy both for the experience they gained and for the scholarships they could earn through AQHA, the Texas Quarter Horse Association and their colleges.

“(Scholarships were) extremely helpful,” Maureen says. “TCU? Get real. Robin went to (Texas) Tech (University) on scholarships as well. We applied for everything.”

The Morrises have gone through two pickups first hauling their daughters to shows and then supporting them at Varsity Equestrian competitions.

“We definitely go to TCU-New Mexico state,” Maureen says. “We have to go to that one. And we go to the home ones at TCU. I don’t travel to the ones that are way off.”