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Legendary Blood

September 5, 2009

Son of legendary Peppy San Badger shows at the 2009 Bayer Select World Championship Show.

By Julie Preble, American Quarter Horse Journal intern

Mr San Olen and Carol Williamson at the 2009 Bayer Select World (Photo by Christine Hamilton)

Mr San Olen and Carol Williamson at the 2009 Bayer Select World (Photo by Christine Hamilton)

A 20-year-old, King Ranch-bred son of American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame horse Peppy San Badger, aka “Little Peppy,” came to the 2009 Bayer Select World Championship Show to show in the cutting. Mr San Olen, aka “Blacky,” and his owner, Carol Scott Williamson, took third place in the finals on Saturday, September 5.

For the past two years, the stallion has been turned out with broodmares. Last November, Carol decided to give him one more shot in the show pen.

She had only planned on taking him to a club cutting show, but then decided to qualify him for the 2009 Bayer Select World. She thought it would be a lot of fun for the two of them to do, and she is just very thankful she was able to be at the show.

“I thought, ‘I want to give him every opportunity to be the horse he is and not make a mistake on my part,” Carol said. “Because that’s usually why a horse doesn’t show well – because we do something wrong with them.’”

Even though Blacky is twenty years old, he still tries his heart out for her, Carol said, and he has a lot of talent.

In fact, she’s sure that’s what her husband saw in him years ago as a yearling; Carol’s husband is Team Wrangler member Doug Williamson of Bakersfield, California.

Nineteen years ago, Doug sent his father, Sylvan, over to the King Ranch Inc. to find some mares and stallions for his client, the Tejon Ranch. Doug was working to build the horse program at the ranch, and he knew his father had a great eye for horses.

Blacky was a fuzzy yearling with mane on both sides of his neck and nobody thought much of him. It was a good thing Doug’s dad saw past the fuzziness: In 1992, Blacky won the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity.

Though Doug left the Tejon Ranch soon after that win, he never forgot Blacky. Over the years he made inquiries about whether or not the black stallion was for sale, but he never was.

Three years ago, a customer of Doug’s was able to buy Blacky, and when the stallion was no longer producing foals, he gave him to Carol and Doug.

Carol has really enjoyed working with Blacky because he is such a sweet horse, and she is very glad she was able to bring him to Amarillo.

She even decided to make the show and trip to Amarillo a vacation for her. It took her three days to drive to the Texas Panhandle from California.

“It’s fun because it’s country I’ve never seen before,” Carol said. “I’d call my husband up and go, ‘This is pretty out here, I’m out here in the middle of nowhere, but it’s pretty!’”

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