Low Stress Colt Starting DVD

Get your copy of the “Low Stress Colt Starting with Curt Pate” DVD today.

Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!

AQHA Professional Horseman Curt Pate believes in using common sense horsemanship to train high-performance mounts. The first step to creating a top notch riding horse is breaking him to a saddle. The “Low Stress Colt Starting with Curt Pate” DVD will give you an excellent introduction to Curt’s methods of training.

Curt’s experience and natural talent with horses have helped him assist countless owners as they work through challenges with their animals. This DVD will put you on the right track with your young horse.

“The first 30-60 days of a colt’s life working with him creates so much of the horse in the future, whether it be a world champion or not could be in the first ride. I’m not sure of the importance that plays, but I know it’s quite a role,” Curt says.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in this educational DVD:

  • Learn what steps you should take with your colt before you consider putting a saddle on him. Rushing this process will inevitably lead to consequences so make sure that your horse is ready to be ridden.
  • Curt demonstrates how and when to use a lariat in the colt breaking process. It is a powerful tool used in colt breaking, and one that all trainers should be aware of.
  • Saddling your horse for the first time is the report card for how well you did your ground work. Make sure that you get a good grade.
  • Learn why doing too much groundwork might be a bad thing.
  • Using too much equipment could be a bad thing. Curt demonstrates what equipment is essential and what to leave at the barn.
  • Learn the elements of a good first lesson. Make the first ride an experience to build on instead of a stressful experience.

As a bonus, Curt discusses his top-10 training tips at the end of the DVD. These tips will help focus your training program and keep your horses as stress free as possible.

“What I want people to do is to think. Not just do what everybody else is doing. And the other thing is just to have fun. It’s not so serious that we can’t have some fun. When we start having fun, the horses start having fun and then the performance level will go up and the stress level will go down.”

Order your copy of the “Low Stress Colt Starting with Curt Pate” DVD today. And don’t forget to get more copies for your horse-loving friends.

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