The November America’s Horse — It’s Versatile!

This month’s issue captures many sides of your favorite breed of horse.

This month’s issue captures many sides of your favorite breed of horse.

America's Horse November 2012If there’s one thing I love about the American Quarter Horse, it’s the versatility of the breed. That’s being showcased at the AQHA World Championship Show right now, as elegant, leggy jumpers are rubbing elbows with athletic, lowrider cutters. That’s not even taking into consideration the rugged ranch horses who work their hearts out, or the racehorses who set stopwatches on fire.

And so, fittingly, if there’s one thing I love about America’s Horse magazine, it’s the times when so many of those elements come together in one magazine, as they did in November.

Our November cover story is on Singleton Ranches, an outfit spread over more than a million acres in New Mexico and California. It’s the winner of this year’s AQHA-Pfizer Best Remuda award, which honors breeders of good ranch horses. You won’t want to miss this story and photography by Jim Jennings. He’s the retired AQHA executive director of publications and the author of “Best Remudas,” a coffee-table book that features his stories and photography from the first 15 winners of the award.

We’ve also got some stories that will appeal to just about any horse lover. In “Horses on the Highway,” there are trailering safety tips from AQHA Corporate Partner USRider. Much of it is common sense, but it never hurts to get a reminder. And there are also some unexpected pieces of advice. For example, do you have “ICE HORSE” programmed into your cell phone? If you’re incapacitated, emergency workers know to look in your cell phone for “in case of emergency” contacts. You should have one for yourself, of course, but you should also have a barn buddy or a veterinarian who could come take care of your horses.

And have you ever seen a horse whose color just didn’t quite fit the mold? In the November issue, equine color expert Lesli Kathman explains the rare silver gene, which can create a bay horse with a flaxen mane and tail and chocolate-black legs. On a black horse, the gene has an effect similar to a chocolate palomino. See the magazine for photos that are worth a thousand words!

We’re warming up for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo by featuring a family with three generations of professional steer wrestlers. The Duvall family of Checotah, Oklahoma, is creating a bulldogging dynasty. They’ve had an AQHA-Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association horse of the year, and they take great pride in bring along great horses.

Another very important part of the magazine is in AQHA Business, our regular feature that updates AQHA members on the inner workings of the Association, new programs that are coming out or other important business. In November, Editor-in-Chief Becky Newell takes a look at the new horse welfare rules and penalties that will help keep our show horses safe. The rules went into effect in November and are designed to be tough on improper training practices and equipment.

America’s Horse always loves to pay tribute to the everyday horses and horse owners – the ones who might not normally be in the spotlight, even though they deserve to be. Tucked inside the November issue, you’ll find a teenager hugging her horse after returning from basic training with the Army National Guard; the inspiring story of another teen, born without hands, who finds a way to do everything, including being competitive aboard her American Quarter Horse; and a touching tribute to school horses, written by an AQHA Professional Horsewoman.

All in all, these story tiles form a mosaic portrait of a great, versatile horse and a great community. It’s one we want you to be a part of, too! Join AQHA and – aside from the great discounts you get from our corporate partners – you’ll also get 10 issues a year of America’s Horse. You’ll be welcomed to submit your story or horse photos, and you’ll love reading about the famous – and not-so-famous – horses that make up the best breed in the world!

Happy riding — and reading!

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