Journal on the Road

NRCHA Open Bridle

February 6, 2010

Results from the National Reined Cow Horse Association open bridle world finals.

Carol Rose and Jay McLaughlin at the NRCHA World Finals.

Carol Rose and Jay McLaughlin at the NRCHA world finals.

The dirt was flying and cattle were neatly handled this weekend during the National Reined Cow Horse Association world finals, and some riders were wearing purple.

On February 6, the last finals were contested, including the highly anticipated open bridle championship. The winner might – or might not – have been determined by who was wearing purple. At least that’s the story for Carol Rose, owner of Lil Miss Shiney Chex, and Jay McLaughlin, her trainer.

During the week of the finals, Jay had done well every time he wore a dark purple shirt and had drawn poor cattle every time he wore a light purple shirt with flowers on it.

So February 6, Jay showed up for the finals wearing his light purple shirt. When Carol asked about it, Jay said he hadn’t had time to get his dark purple shirt cleaned. He let superstitious Carol fret about it all morning until time came to ride “Sarah” into the pen – wearing the dark purple shirt.

“I’m superstitious, too,” he confessed later.

Either the shirt or the training paid off, because – well, look at the shirt and smiles and guess who won.

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