Pace Horse to Lead Car Races

Major stock car races will include American Quarter Horses as a pace horse.

Major stock car races will include American Quarter Horses as a pace horse.

As part of a partnership with stock car racing, Quarter Horses will replace pace cars at major car races.

By Leah Thomas, AQHA online communications and publications intern

Today, the American Quarter Horse Association announced a new partnership with the stock car racing industry. As part of this new alliance, the stock car racing industry will retire its classic pace car and replace it with an American Quarter Horse.

“Having a horse as the pace car will be

more exciting for race fans instead of just another car,” a prominent race leader said. “It doesn’t get any more American than racing cars and American Quarter Horses.”

The role of the pace horse is the same as that of the former pace car: to limit the speed of competing cars on the race track during a caution period.

To keep the pace horse safe as it travels on the asphalt, a tire company has agreed to fashion special shoes for the horse. Many race tracks have also agreed to put in a separate dirt track for the pace horse to protect it from the hot pavement.

American Quarter Horses will be chosen to play the role of pace horse based on disposition, fitness level and ability to tolerate vehicles and noises.

The pace horse will be painted with sponsor emblems and will occasionally be ridden by track announcers, including Darrell Waltrip and Erin Andrews.

The pace horse will be asked to tailgate with race fans before and after each race. Fans are encouraged to bring horse-friendly tailgate food, including apples and carrots.

The next time you’re at a stock car event, be on the lookout for an American Quarter Horse leading the way!


… Just kidding!

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6 thoughts on “Pace Horse to Lead Car Races”

  1. you fooled me Until I got to the part where the announcers could ride the pace horse! Darrell Waltrip… that is funny!

  2. I was buying it unil tracks adding a “dirt” track LOL
    To funny thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  3. Best one you’ve done to date. The give-away was it was “stock car racing industry” and not NASCAR or something official looking. Just think how believable next year’s will be if you can get some collusion happening?

  4. I was ready to jump on my horse and go to the local track and apply! Stafford Motor Speedway, I actually think this is a great idea!

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