Horse Health

Parasite Patrol

April 4, 2013

Deworming is an essential component of horse health care.

mare and foal

Internal parasites, if left untreated can cause serious problems, controlling them is an important part of horse health care. Journal photo.

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Parasite Protection

All horses get internal parasites, no matter what their breed, where they live or what they are fed. Left untreated, internal parasites can cause serious problems, including weight loss, lethargy, poor coat condition, digestive disturbances, diarrhea, colic and even death. Parasite control is a necessary part of horse health care.

Single Product, Broad Spectrum Control

Broad spectrum compounds like ivermectin kill a wide range of equine parasites, including bots, when used regularly according to label directions. Dosage is based on the weight of the horse.

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Rotational Deworming

Many horse owners and veterinarians prefer to rotate between chemical classes to prevent resistance. However, some small strongyles have shown resistance to benzimidazoles over the years.

If you rotate dewormers, be sure to alternate between chemical classes, not just brand names or active ingredients. Parasites develop resistance to whole classes of drugs. For example, ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate are often rotated because they come from different chemical classes. Ivermectin is a macrocyclic lactone. Pyrantel pamoate is a pyrimidine.

Ivermectin is often included in rotation programs as a boticide. Many compounds, like pyrantel pamoate, do not have an FDA-approved claim for bot control.

Daily Deworming

Daily deworming has become more and more popular over the past decade. A dose of pyrantel tartrate is fed daily to continuously kill parasites as they enter the horse. Parasites are killed before they have a chance to reproduce, reducing pasture contamination.

If you use a daily dewormer, make sure your horse eats his full dose every day.

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Since pyrantel tartrate has no effect on bots, you need to use a boticide like ivermectin twice a year.

For Optimum Parasite Protection, Read the Label!

  1. Spectrum of Control

    Some dewormers target only a half dozen parasites, while others are much more effective against a broader range. Read the label carefully to know what your dewormer controls.

  2. Bot Control

    Many dewormers don’t kill bots. Look for “boticide” on the label.

  3. Age Restrictions

    Young foals are especially susceptible to certain parasites, such as ascarids and intestinal threadworms. Look for dewormers safe for foals without age restrictions.

  4. Dosage

    For effective parasite control, it is important to administer the proper dose for your horse’s weight. Depending on the product, a single syringe may treat from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds. Read the label, and make sure you know how to set the syringe for the correct dose.

  5. Dosage Frequency

    Most dewormers call for reapplication every six to eight weeks. Some claim longer efficacy against certain types or stages of parasites. For complete protection, you need to treat for all parasites.

  6. Needs Can Vary

    Many factors can influence deworming requirements – such as age, your horse’s general health, location, sanitary conditions, exposure to other horses and even stress. Consult your veterinarian.

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